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Cape Town Burgers

There are many places in the city where you can enjoy some good Cape Town burgers. Some restaurants even try to pimp it up a bit and offer gourmet burgers at a premium price - And they are pulling it off. The burgers taste amazing, the restaurants are chic and have a modern design and offer an extensive variety. There are a few restaurants that I'd like to recommend and those are: Gourmet, Royale and Hudson's. Everybody has their favorite, it's like debating whether BMW or Mercedes is the better car. Below you will find a few restaurants that serve normal simple and/or gourmet burgers in Cape Town. Enjoy! If you have been to some of the restaurants, please visit the specific restaurant profile and leave a short review. Thank You!

Gourmet Burger

Gourmet Burger Cavendish At Gourmet Burger you will find an amazing restaurant offering burgers that have never been heard of. No more boring topings - just pure eating pleasure has been added to these burgers. I have been here a few times already. I ordered the Chicken Camembert & Cranberry Burger. It sounds perfect. I looks amazing and tastes out of this world. They have branches on Long Street and in Cavendish Centre.

Cafe Caprice

Caprice Burger The de facto home of bronzed bodies, sarongs and the latest Ray Ban shades, Café Caprice is loved by a cool set of loyal fans from locals to international stars and sportsmen, and has always been the place to see and be seen by those who enjoy kicking back in one of the world’s most beautiful settings.
Open 7 days a week, Café Caprice is frequented for its always-good food, decadent cocktail menus and great all-round vibe, earning it the status of the “jewel in Cape Town’s entertainment crown”. Café Caprice is also the regular venue choice for special occasions and events, with customisable menu’s, areas open for hire, esteemed DJ’s on the decks and a team of staff who’s priority it is to make their customers happy.

Saul's Saloon & Grill

Saul's Saloon & Grill

THE BIGGEST hamburger has landed in Cape Town with the opening of Saul’s Saloon & Grill, a hamburger emporium with its roots in the Atlantic Seaboard and famous for its pre-recession sized gargantuan ‘biggest burgers in town’. The restaurant situated in a cosy old family-style home from home, is an evocative tribute to nostalgia: romantic 1950s movie stars, hamburger memorabilia and a laid-back saloon character.

Wynberg | Maitland - Saul's Saloon & Grill

Bistro Garden Restaurant

Bistro Garden Restaurant Bring your family for a relaxing meal while the kids burn off all their energy in our 800m2 secure Playpark at the Bistro Garden Restaurant. Our childminder is here on weekends, public holidays and school holidays to keep an eye on the kids, while mom and dad relax with the paper, great food, great service and perhaps a glass of wine. 

Saints Burger Joint

Saints Burger Joint

It's the newest edition on Kloof Street: Saints Burger Joint. Bikes, Burgers, Rock ‘n Roll, Freedom! All of these things are what make Saints Burger Joint. All of these things fit like a pure A grade beef patty does into a brioche bun. We believe in being individual, in having your 1kg burger and eating it too!

More Cape Town Burger Restaurants

Restaurant Suggestions for Cape Town Burgers by our readers

  • The Hussar Grill
  • Pirates in Plumstead
  • Rcaffe - Gourmet Burgers 100% homemade


*If you have any other suggestions where to find the best Cape Town burgers, please write it in the chat box below. Thank You

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