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Healthy Restaurants Cape Town




Some restaurants have specialised themselves in offering only the healthiest dishes available - below you can find a list of health restaurants in Cape Town. If you want your favourite restaurant listed below as well, please contact us and we will make it happen. Until then, why not try out some of the restaurants below. Healthy Living! 

Bistro on Rose

Bistro on Rose

Bistro on Rose offers a relaxed scene with a friendly bar menu and signature cocktails. Guests can indulge in Lunch, Brunch and Dinner at the bar, atrium or in banquettes and tables throughout the energetic space. Our mission: to present unpretentious but utterly delicious food. Share our love for seasonal produce and to provide accessible food with exceptional value.

Two Oceans Restaurant

Bistro on Rose

While the tourist market provides the bulk of the 650 guests the restaurant serves each day, it is clear from Phil’s new menu that he is offering something special to locals as well, especially those who are green card holders and can enter the Cape Point Reserve for free. It takes a very special chef to meet the challenges of running a kitchen that is like no other. Luckily for the Two Oceans Restaurant at Cape Point, Phil Alcock is a chef who relishes a challenge.

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