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 The Italy vs Paraguay World Cup Match in Pictures - Enjoy!

Stadium Shuttle Bus

Stadium Shuttle Bus

Cape Town

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Cape Town Sushi Specials
FoodBlog on the FIFA WC
Cape Town Restaurants Winter Specials
Ever wondered where to find the best sushi specials and restaurants in Cape Town..FoodBlog is here to help you. Not only are we currently running a poll to determine the best sushi restaurant but we also have a list of most available sushi specials in town. Enjoy!
Everyone has an opinion about the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Some Good, others bad! We also have an opinion. Check out our thoughts: 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup - Tourist Heaven or Local Hell?
5 pages worth of Cape Town Restaurants winter specials - updated every week. Please forward this list to all your friends so that everyone can make use of these awesome offers.




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