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Cape Town FIFA Fan Fest

The past few days, I've been spending more time at the FIFA FanFest than at work or at home. :P It's really a fantastic vibe (if your team that you are supporting is winning). I've been to:

  • SA vs. Mexico - awesome atmosphere, best game ever!
  • SA vs. Uruguay -even though SA lost, it was still a good vibe. After the penalty and red card some so-called Bafana supporters left the Fan Fest (and the stadium). YOU aren't true fans - you have to support your team through wins and losses! This isn't Cricket or Rugby. South Africa is the lowest ranked team at the FIFA World Cup - they need our support!
  • Germany vs. Serbia - not much happening on that day. It was a work-day and an early kick-off, so I guess that had something to do with it. Crowd was decent but no real atmosphere, Paulaner was way better for the Germany vs. Australia game. See the pictures below
  • Bafana vs. France - South Africa played very good. Awesome atmosphere - even better than the game against Mexico. Sad that we won't be able to watch Bafana play again during this World Cup! See pictures below 

Table Mountain

Table Mountain

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