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Aqua Cape Quarter Sushi Restaurant

I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t review sushi restaurants for a while. But then I got an invite from Chef Terry Zhou to come and try out his brand new fusion menu at the new Aqua Restaurant at the Cape Quarter. How could I say no?

A friend and I trotted off to the restaurant unsure of what to expect. Terry had explained that his sushi was very different but had refused to say anymore. We sat ourselves down at the sushi counter and prepared ourselves for the worst. I was convinced that I was going to be fed eel sushi which I have had once before and I had enjoyed less than the anchovy, garlic and chocolate covered rice cake that my 10 year old nieces once dared me to eat.

Well (thankfully) I was wrong. My friend and I sat for 3 hours and ate plate after plate after plate of the most delicious, well thought out and beautifully put together sushi. Terry told us that so many South African restaurants make sushi the wrong way. Their sushi is tight and firm whereas his sushi is like an “explosion” of flavour and texture. You really can taste the difference. Even his simple avo maki, which I would normally find quite bland, had a depth of flavour which I cannot fully explain.

Crazy Boy Sushi Aqua Baby Don't Cry Sushi Aqua

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Neighbourhood on Long Street

I'm very peeved off.

If you follow me on Twitter (which you should: @KayliVee) you would know that I went to Neighbourhood for dinner the other night. There were quite a few of us and the restaurant was full, so I understood that service may be just a little bit slow.

It took 4 requests to the same waitress to get a simple glass of water, we waited about 45 minutes until we made our dinner order, which then took at least 12.3 years to appear, and after asking for the bill, it took another 25 minutes for us to receive it.

What saved the day was the fact that I really did have the very best burger of my life: The Nacho Burger (and I swapped the beef patty for a chicken breast.) The burger was enormous. It was piled high with salsa, guacamole, salad, chicken, nachos, jalapenos, pickles and cheese with an equally high pile of curly fries. The chicken was tender and succulent, the salsa was well-seasoned, the guacamole was fresh and didn’t have that awful processed flavour and the bun was perfectly toasted. It was the kind of burger that would make me order it again the next time I went there. And I NEVER EVER order the same thing more than once. It was that great.

Neighbourhood, you may get your service very wrong, but you get your food very, very right.

Long Street Restaurant Neighbourhood

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La Boheme Sea Point

My best friend is homeless. I walked past her as she sat on the side of the road and we had that instant connection. Soon we were besties.

No I’m lying, but not about the homeless bit. She was in denial that her lease was ending until the day it ended. She moved in with me for a while and to say thank you, her pops said that she must take me out for a nice dinner. Off we went to one of her favourite spots, La Boheme.

La Boheme is a modern bistro on Sea point Main road. The outside section is first come first serve, but the inside can be reserved in advance. The menu changes daily, so only the freshest meats, fish, fruit and veg are used. They also make all of their own pasta and breads so every visit is a unique experience. Blackboards are brought to your table with a handwritten menu for the day.

Starters begin at R40, the mains from R90 and desserts from R30. HOWEVER, La Boheme has a special menu which runs throughout the year, which is a 2/course meal for R95 or full 3/courses for R115. Yes man.

Sea Point Restaurant La Boheme Review

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Andiamo Cape Quarter

When I turned 14 I decided that from that day forward, I wouldn’t even look at a carb after 5pm because this new diet would miraculously make me skinny. I was so dedicated to this new eating regimen that for a good 7 years I stuck to it. Until I found Andiamo.

Andiamo is a restaurant-come-deli-come-bar situated at the ever trendy Cape Quarter, whose winter specials managed to get me out of my long-standing, “anti-relationship” with carbohydrates.
Every time I go to Andiamo I manage to park in the wrong parking lot and have to trudge across the road. To this day, I don’t know where the correct parking entrance is, I just know it isn’t in the building where Spar is, but somehow I always manage to find myself there. If someone could please educate me on the matter, it would be greatly appreciated.
Andiamo Cape Quarter
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Xiang Yuan in Sea Point

A friend and I were walking down the road and the conversation went as follows:

Me: Lets just walk until we find somewhere interesting to eat.
Friend: Ok. What do you feel like? I don’t feel like Asian food.
Me: Me neither, lets find a pub.

Then all of a sudden we saw the following sign:

Sea Point Restaurant 

And that was it. Sold.

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The Kitchen Woodstock

Can I have one spoon of uhhh, everything?

Woodstock has quite a bad rep. Yeah, I wouldn’t want my car to break down there late at night, while my Blackberry flashes that awkward orange colour and tells me that “the battery is too low for radio use” (in other words, its dead) but really, during the day, it’s great.

Art galleries, furniture boutiques, antique stores, production houses and casting and advertising agencies bring a diverse and eclectic mix of people into the cosy cafés and restaurants which offer the perfect escape from the office.

The other day I went to The Kitchen on the main roadThere was plenty of parking and a lovely, toothless car guard named Sakkie, assured me that my car and its tyres would be safe.

The Kitchen is a deli-come-restaurant which uses only fresh and seasonal ingredients, creating new menus to fondle your tastebuds daily. However, the salad bar and the “create your own” Love Rolls are their biggest sellers.


The Kitchen Woodstock The Kitchen Restaurant Review

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Go away creepy blonde child, I'm trying to eat my food 

Who would have thought that slapping together a chunk of raw fish, a clump of sticky rice, a slice of avo and dried seaweed could taste so amazingly good? It’s like cows’ milk, how did the person who realised that it was drinkable, explain the discovery to their friends?

I love sushi. It makes me a very happy lass. The other day a friend and I went to Sevruga at the Waterfront for their lunchtime half price sushi, Dim Sum and cocktail special.

The hostess showed us to our table and we sat down next to two old ladies who had a little blonde child with them. Our table was lovely, if we had been a couple on a date it would have been very romantic. However, the little blonde child insisted on staring at us. Not just a subtle little peek every now and then, he actually swivelled around in his chair and made awkward eye contact for the full 2 hours that we were there.


Our waiter was clearly one of those guys who had been in the industry his whole life. He knew the menu backwards, he was confidant and a graceful air about him, to the point where you actually wanted to punch him in the face.

I ordered a Peach Bellini and my friend had a Coconut and Blood Orange Mojito, which originally didn’t appeal to me in the slightest, but after tasting it, it is very refreshing and has an interesting flavour.


V&A Waterfront sushi

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Royale Eatery on Long Street

I’m crying the worlds’ largest tears. Imagine the Oros man had his Oros taken away, imagine his tears, but not orange – that how big my tears are.

I went to Royale in Long Street the other night for what I was told was going to be the burger experience of my life. Pffft.

I began my drive to Long Street, singing Adele, “Someone like you”, at the top of my lungs. It took a good ten minutes to find parking and an extra ten to get into the crevice which I was directed to. I ambled down the road and into the restaurant. I was then directed to another door ten metres up the road. From there I was told to go back to the first door and finally shown another doorway which I could swear wasn’t there when I first arrived. Not the greatest start.

By the time I found the place most of the others were there. We had a lovely table on the enclosed balcony with whimsical, eye catching decorations such as trees attached to the roof and these lovely flowing fabric balls of fun. We were given a basket of blankets and the heaters were purring quietly.

There was a simple yet sophisticated cocktail menu, the Classic Mojito Jug (R135) was a crowd pleaser and for the more adventurous drinker, the Strawberry & Basil Mule (R135) was gloriously boozy.

It took me some time to choose my burger. There are all the classic options of burger, with cheese, blue cheese, a sauce and so forth and these all come in a chicken, beef, lamb or fish option. Then there are the gourmet burgers such as the one I chose, The Lourenço Marques: rib-eye steak, marinated in chilli, garlic, white wine and herbs, with a creamy lemon sauce and roasted peppers. I almost sexually assaulted our waitress when she informed me that I could have any combination of side dishes: chips (normal or sweet potato), wedges and salad. I got all four.

Royale Eatery Burger

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Eastern Food Bazaar: My new best friend

written by Kayli Vee Levitan

I’m always hungry. I’m not lying here, if it weren’t true that I would end up looking like an overweight T-rex, I would eat continuously for every waking hour.

However, I’m a student and therefore don’t have huge amounts of cash dollar to burn. So when I first encountered the ever so affordable, Eastern Food Bazaar, I knew I’d found Heaven on Earth.

We parked around the corner where a bergie decided to teach me how to parallel park. However, he was either a tad drunk or had a severe ear infection because he quite literally walked directly into the front of my car (I was reversing).

I quickly darted away and was immediately smacked in the face by the delicious aroma of Indian cuisine. I envisioned the chefs to be a group of Indian men and women wearing matching brightly coloured silken chefs jackets, who had the uncanny ability to sing and dance in unison whilst flipping buttery naan bread in the air.

The restaurant is set along a passage way directly through the building and has the air of cheap Bollywood film. Everything is gold and shiny. Huge intricate doors lead to nowhere and the mustardy sponged walls are plastered with ornate mirrors.

(click on 'read more' to continue)

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Kuzina Greek Restaurant Cape Quarter

Do you know that person that gets drunk really quickly and gets louder and louder as the night goes on? It gets funnier when that same person ordered a souvlaki/kebab with about 5 small pieces of meat for more than 70 bucks and feels the need to complain to us while he thinks that no one else can hear him. There really wasn’t much on his plate – but it was funny nonetheless!

Kuzina Restaurant Cape Quarter Cape Town
Kuzina is a Greek restaurant located in the Square at Cape Quarter. When opening the menu, you will find a small dictionary of Greek words that might come useful during the evening: The only word I can remember right now is yamas which means “cheers”. But there are about 15 words on there, so if you are looking to improve your Greek vocabulary while having food – this is the place! But now onto the actual food:
I didn’t feel that hungry so I just ordered a Yiro Pita with chips for 54 bucks. It was about the size of a hot dog but stuffed with lots of meat! It was just what I was looking for. Another friend ordered a selection of meze which aresmall dishes served normally for dinner or lunch. The prices for each meze lay in the region of R40. He ordered three of those and seemed to enjoy his meal but said that “it wasn’t anything special”. Someone else ordered the chicken penne (chicken pasta with a cheese sauce) for about R70. It was a sizeable portion and I tasted some of it when he wasn’t looking - it was delicious! There was also another pasta dish on the table but the person was sitting at the far end of the table so I had no opportunity to steal some! The pasta dishes are really good value for money. But 70 bucks for a small kebab – I don’t know? Also, the fact that they charged R36 for a Peroni draught also didn’t leave a good feeling when looking at the bill. I realise that as Kuzina is located at CapeQuarter prices will be a bit steeper – but come on! 36 bucks for a beer?
Each month we get together with around 10 people and go to a different restaurant, always trying out different cuisines! This month, we decided on Kuzina and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. The Yiro Pita was nice, the pasta was delicious – and the prices for those were reasonable. I didn’t have anything to complain about. I can’t comment on the kebab but it was a funny situation. The 36 bucks for the Peroni just annoyed me a bit.
I'm pretty sure people will have lots of different opinions depending on what they ordered. If I hadn't ordered the Peroni and my friend had ordered a pasta as well instead of the kebab - this review would have been very different. 
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Panchos - My Trip to Mexico
It’s been a while since something was posted on FoodBlog - been somewhat busy with my new job, graduation preparation and a quick trip to Mexico with the Nom Nom Noms.
Not really but Panchos in Obs is close enough!
Panchos in Obs
I learned three important lessons that evening:
  1. All the menu items seem to be very similar. Actually reminded me of a stand-up routine by Jim Gaffigan which is very funny! (Scroll down for some laughs)
  2. Panchos serve a huge portion of Nachos for approx. 60 bucks. There is no way anyone can ever finish that – too bad that cold Nachos for breakfast taste appalling. It’s not something I wish to repeat….
  3. Old heated up Nachos for lunch tastes even worse! Truly disgusting!
They also ask you how spicy you prefer your meal to be:
Hint: Mild = Nothing! I will probably advance to the next hotness-level the next time I’m there again.
Getting a few jugs of Magaritas is a must when going to any Mexican restaurant + everyone at the table enjoyed their food to the fullest! We had a really great time and Panchos was an amazing venue for a chilled evening with good Mexican food. Just order something that you can’t pronounce and they will bring something amazing! They do have Mexican Burgers – if you want to be boring.
That’s Panchos for you! But more importantly, you should really watch the video below – it will change your day,…maybe even your life! (Read the entire post to view the video)
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Mzoli's Cape Town


What is the most proudly South African thing you can any day of the year, but especially a Sunday – a braai. And what is a braai all by your lonesome with one or two strings of boerewors and a shriveled up tasteless chop – sadness. A braai is an experience that should be shared with friends, old and new. It is a time for relaxation, a time for laughing and time for enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures. So, what better way to spend a Sunday than to have a braai with 500 other (and by other I actually mean extremely different and at times somewhat dodgy but all round pretty interesting) people at the mothership of the braai – Mzolis.

Mzolis is situated in the very upmarket suburb of Gugulethu and has taken the minimalist approach to their service offering. The Business Science Marketing Honours class of 2010 (not to be confused with other less important financially inclined Honours classes) decided that they would all join forces, like the Power Rangers, to embark on the truly incredible braai experience that Mzolis offers.

Mzoli's Braai  Mzoli's Butchery  

For those of you who have not been to Mzolis, shame. Let me try and give you as vivid a description as possible: It is a butchery.  Ok, maybe it is a little bit more than a butchery. Mzolis offers a severely limited number of tables and chairs (which are the hottest commodity around, after the Black Label), an electric and eclectic vibe, no bar (instead there is a shebeen that serves only the finest 750ml liquor money can buy) and the most finger licking good meat that you have ever tasted.

The Mzolis experience that the Marketing class had was incredible. From the negotiations with car guards, to street dancing with the Cape’s finest gangsters, to purchasing alcohol from behind a cage, to watching certain people practically drink the meat marinade, it was a Sunday like no other. Not even the weather could dampen the vibe that was created.

If you are looking to have a Sunday afternoon braai with some added adventure (and the possibility of making some really different friends), then Mzolis is the place to be. Just a hint, it gets busy, like break up night Tiger on steroids busy, so get there early. 


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Who needs their caffeine injection?
I am the worst kind of addict. I am the kind of addict who goes to bed fantasizing about my next kick and my fantasy transcends my sleep and turns into my reality. I wake up feeling exhausted, dazed, confused, like I have been awake for days. I lie in bed, motionless, and try and find some clarity among my washed out thoughts. A sense of despair and hopelessness engulfs my body as I try and piece together the daunting challenges of the day. I close my eyes and slowly the darkness turns into a warm, rich and creamy caramel brown. Warmth fights off the despair and hopelessness and my day starts looking brighter and sweeter. I open my eyes, I focus and think – I need my kick, I need my caffeine injection.
Coffee is my drug and I am ready to admit that I am addicted.
Coffee House Cape Town
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Minato Sushi Restaurant

Every time I go out, I'm off to a restaurant. Every new experience includes the taste explosion of a new exotic meal. Every time I have a new story to tell it involves food. (and every time I buy a new outfit, its a size larger) 

So having said this, today's story obviously involves food. Seriously good food.
In fact, the BEST sushi I have ever had in my life. 
Now, firstly, before I start, I must clarify exactly why I am writing about this - or first, exactly why I am not writing about this. I'm not writing this because I actually think you may give a shit about my life and what I eat, and how amazing my sushi experience was, but, instead, that I am aspiring to become a travel journalist in my latter life, and this is somewhat of the type of writing I hope to be publishing.  Having said this, this specific experience takes place within one of the most interesting little establishments I have ever sat in, in my life. 
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Paulaner during the World Cup

A while ago, Byron wrote an article about the World Cup where he questioned what kind of pricing strategy restaurants would adopt during the World Cup (Tourist Heaven or Local Hell?). Will they increase prices to target tourists and look for short term gains or will restaurant owners/managers stay loyal to their local customers and keep prices fairly constant? 

This Sunday, I was at Paulaner Brauhaus at the V&A Waterfront to watch the Germany/Australia game with a few friends. Incredible vibe, awesome beer and a good football match. Germany won the game 4:0 and the celebrations lasted for many hours. 

Paulaner Brauhaus V&A Waterfront

At around 6pm, they closed the doors to the restaurant and the beer tent. It was packed - lots and lots of people. We spent about 6 hours in total inside the tent at Paulaner: We had a few beers and we had something to eat. And that kinda screwed over my budget I decided on before going there:

45 bucks for a Pretzel! Seriously? WOW!

30 bucks for a plate of chips. Just as a reference: You can get a 1kg pack of frozen oven chips for R19 at Pick 'n Pay online. 

I ordered the Schnitzel. R85. The other day I had a Sirloin with shrimp and cheese sauce at The Mount Restaurant in Durbanville for R95. I can understand that but 85 bucks for a Schnitzel? No ways!

A Weissbier cost R30 for 400ml. Normally you had to pay around the same amount for 500ml! 

I won't be going to Paulaner for a long time. The rest of the Germany games I'll either be watching at the FanFest at the Parade or if it should rain, stay at home or watch it at a friend's. If I happen to be at the V&A Waterfront and feel like a beer or a pub meal, Ferryman's Tavern or Mitchell's are right around the corner. 


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Gourmet Burger Cavendish

Gourmet Burger - Cavendish

(Just a quick announcement: we have exams atm, but we will try post something fresh each week still. If not - please don't kill us. It's tough being a student! No lies.... )

It's the month of May, and the Nom Nom Noms have been at it again. This time we wanted to try out some of Cape Town's best Gourmet Burgers. So we had the option of either going to:

We initially booked a table for 13 @ Royale Eatery but apparently they hire staff who don't know how to take down bookings. Long story short - they messed it up. So, we had to go somewhere else and ended up at Gourmet Burger in Cavendish. 

I was there about a year ago and all I could remember was that it was quite expensive. So I brought a suitcase full of money - like in the movies. But to my surprise, I didn't really need it. Most burgers cost between 50 and 60 bucks. Awesome! They have a section with more expensive gourmet burgers - they range around the R75 mark.

So, I had a chicken, camembert & cranberry burger for 55 bucks; with drinks and tip the evening cost me R80. That's not bad at all. Nom Nom Nom. Gourmet Burger also have an awesome Lindt Chocolate Milkshake for R28. It's a must-try!!! 

Gourmet Burger Cavendish

We booked a table for 13 people, in the end we ended up with around 18. I didn't know anyone at the one end of the table, and they didn't introduce themselves - which was kinda rude cause I was the one that actually organised the entire evening. And they left without saying good-bye or thank you or anything really. Which kinda puts them into the same category as Royale Eatery if you think about it.

The evening also consisted of conversations like "can books talk" which then continued to "can phones talk". But I ll rather not go into too much detail.

In the end, it was probably a good thing that Royale messed it up. Had a splendid evening and Gourmet Burger could accommodate the extras who decided to join. Royale Eatery still has the best burgers in Cape Town though,...but Gourmet comes close, and they don't mess up with bookings. 

We are planning a score-rating of a somewhat different kind. Each restaurant post will be updated then. 

Contact Details:

Gourmet Burger - Cavendish
Shop F1- The Bridge
021 674 5361
Gourmet Burger - Long Street
39 Long Street
021 424 6099
Website: Gourmet Burger


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My Adventure to Mesopotamia Long Street

Mesopotamia Long Street

I am part of a little group called the Nom Nom Noms. Each month we choose a different cuisine and then pick a specific restaurant accordingly. In April we chose to try out Kurdish. Which made deciding on a restaurant relatively easy, since there is only one Kurdish Restaurant in Cape Town:

Mesopotamia on Long Street

I've only heard good stuff about the restaurant before we went there. I heard that everyone had to pay a cover charge of 10 bucks cause there would be a few belly dancers. I could have closed my eyes and refused to pay - but the manager didn't seem like she would have understood that kind of humor. The food - so i heard - would also be very very good.

Now to what our evening was actually like.

We arrived there @ 7pm. Atmosphere was really nice. I've been to Turkey before - I am guessing the Kurdish culture is similar. It seemed very authentic - carpets hanging on the walls and ceilings. Kurdish music was playing - some sounded like Afrikaans rap. It was definitely very entertaining.

Also, there were no chairs like you can see in the pic. We had to sit on cushions....for 4 hours....4 very long hours. I can't say I enjoyed that part of the evening. I couldn't even eat properly sitting like that cause the table was too far away. Although it did provide a different experience.

Mesopotamia Kurdish Restaurant

Now to the belly dancing. I quite enjoyed that one...for the first 5 mins - but after 20 mins it was .... boring. They also increased the volume of the music for that period. I couldn't even talk to the person next to me. And the most stressful part was that she invited others to join - and everyone she asked seemed to accept. I can't belly-dance, I'd tell her to f** off. So I had a very serious conversation about economics with someone. I wouldn't even give her the chance to ask me - that was my strategy! AND IT WORKED!!!! :P 

Now to the food. Their menu wasn't that big. We could choose from around 10 dishes. That was it. I chose Chicken Guvech which is oven baked chicken with mushrooms, green pepper and cheese in a claypot for 71 bucks. Couldn't complain - loved it. It was very delicious. My friends somehow managed to order all the same dish: Tigris Chicken which is fried then slow cooked with vegetables in a sweet & sour soup for R65. Cheapos! They didn't seem too impressed afterwards. 

Mesopotamia is not for everyone. You either love it or hate it.... or think it is just okay. I thought it was just okay. It was a new experience and I would recommend it to everyone who hasn't been there yet...but to go here for a second time... I don't think so.


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