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Two Oceans Restaurant Valentines Day 2012

 If Valentine’s Day gives you the blues then join us at the Two Oceans Restaurant at Cape Point for a different take on this romantic day!! You choose - be a “red hot love” patron or if that’s not your case then “are you feeling blue? “could show where your heart lies! Either way this is a fun way of looking at this centuries old celebration while enjoying great food at a venue that has some of the best views in the world. We think you’ll leave feeling high on life and full of love!

The Valentines Menu

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Sushi Evening

I have never made my own sushi…ever. But this weekend a few of us got together to have sushi at a friend’s house. When I say we made sushi – I actually mean that the girls made sushi! That doesn’t mean I didn’t help though. I was supporting them all the way. Some say that‘s actually the most important part of it all. True story!


Making Sushi


Sushi Evening with Friends

I can’t add any tips or recipes on how to make your own sushi, since I didn’t actually do anything to help…in any way (have a look here if you need advice). I did help eating the sushi though and it was really really good. The entire plate was pretty much empty in less than 10 minutes. Looking at the pictures; I wouldn’t mind having seconds right now – next time I might even help a little. ;-)


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Single Christmas in Cape Town

Are you new to Cape Town or single this Christmas? Join Chef on Wheels for a gastronomic experience on Christmas Day (lunchtime). Their Chef will prepare a traditional Christmas lunch for only R350 per prson (venue included). Over 25's only.

Chef on Wheels will provide you with a complimentary glass of bubbly, Christmas crackers and a beautiful venue in Cape Town. There is space for 20 adults (10 guys and 10 ladies).

Book now to avoid disappointment! The first 10 people who book will receive a special gift. Take this opportunity to meet new people, make friends and generally enjoy yourselves. Lovely sparkling pool and stunning table settings. Lovely music and the chance to win a free 2 month membership to the Cape socializing club which includes all sorts of exciting activities such as visiting new restaurants, wine bars, wine farms, book clubs, Braais and much more.

To enquire please email or enquire via their website on Simply enter your details and add your comments to the comments section on the page. They will contact you shortly.

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Cape Quarter Village Market

 Cape Quarter Village Market

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Lets Drink August Newsletter

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Let's Drink!

At 11am on the day of writing this very article I was drunk. The reason being, if you hadn’t already noticed (because you don’t own a television, radio, cell phone or computer and you don’t have any friends) is that it’s the Rugby World Cup. What better an excuse could you ask for to eat great food and drink great beer? 

Luckily for us, the World Cup coincides very nicely with October, which may as well be renamed Beertober due to the huge amount of beer festivals on offer. There is We Heart Real Beer, Paulaner Oktoberfest at the V&A Waterfront and Cape Town Festival of Beer to name but a few. 

So to celebrate Beertober, this newsletter is of course beer themed. Everything from where the who’s who are drinking and watching the rugby, beer inspired recipes, hangover cures, the low-down on the beers on our shelves, some handy details of companies who will help you get home (with your car) after a big night out and of course a complete list of all beer related festivities in Cape Town and its surrounding areas.

We hope you have an incredible Beertober and take advantage of everything going on. Good luck to the Boks, celebrate hard and remember don’t drink and drive.

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  by Marvin & Kayli E-mail:



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Bar Bar Black Sheep Art Gallery


Bar Bar Black Sheep Shiraz and Art 1&2 October 2011
Art by local artist “Sparkie”

Shiraz and Shiraz based blends from:
AA Badenhorst Family Wines
Babylon’s Peak
Farm 1120
Mullineux Family Wines
Wildehurst Family Wines
Sadie Family Wines

Special Shiraz Menu
Special Tapas menu for snacking over a glass of Shiraz
Shiraz Shanks with Oak Smoked Mash
Slow Roasted Duck with Shiraz and Blueberry Sauce

Further info: Bar Bar Black Sheep Restaurant


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How to get home when partying in Cape Town

As we all know, drinking and driving is bad. Very bad. So instead of being a complete and utter fool and getting behind the wheel after a few drinks here are a few alternatives.

Swing low sweet chariot
There are few things better then a sneaky bender (n. The act of a party sneaking up on you when you least expect it) except for the fact that at these occasions, you are often stuck with your car. But never fear, several cab companies are here and for a fee, will come to where ever you are, pick you up and drive your car home. The great thing is that you and your car will be safe and when you wake up in the morning, you won’t have to trawl the streets trying to figure out where you parked.
  • Good Fellas          
  • 1 Way                   
  • Firefly Service       0714167848
Planning planning planning
At most social events, there is usually that one person who isn’t drinking. If you had just known in advance you could have organised to hitch a ride with them. Enter Kuandoo, the website which allows for the organisation of all elements of a party. It displays not only who is invited, but who is bringing what, what is still needed to make the jol spectacular and quite wonderfully, who is driving there. If you need a lift or are willing to give a lift you fill in all the details including how many people can fit in your car, and as soon as someone requests to hop in, one online “seat” gets filled. It’s still a new website, but I have high hopes for its future.
Cabs Hereeee!
People don’t actually realise how incredibly cheap cabs are. I remember being in Joburg at some point of my life and a 5 minute cab drive cost about R180. We are so fortunate to have so many affordable cab services in the Mother City so it makes no sense why people don’t take advantage of them. These are my faves.
Cabs on Call         021 7977142
Rikkis Taxis          0861 745 547
Excite Cabs          021 448 4444
SPORT 24 hours    021 447 4444
Inter Cab             021 447 7799
Cab-Net              021 510 2211
Elite Taxi             021 447 9003

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Hangover Cures

“I swear I am never drinking again.”

I have heard this line many times as friends lay curled up, white in the face, hands shaking, a sheen of sweat on their foreheads, reeking of the night before.

This is also one of the greatest promises ever broken, along with “I swear this is my last cigarette” and “I promise I didn’t cheat on you”. As soon as the hangover has worn off, we seem to magically forget how horrific we felt a mere 12 hours earlier. And so the cycle continues.

Although there is no single cure to solve the hangover blues, there are a few things which can make you feel a tad better.

Hangover Cures

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Cape Town Oktoberfest Beer Festivals

I can't believe I haven't posted about the Oktoberfest events happening in Cape Town yet. It's not all about beer either; so even if you don't enjoy beer, you still have a reason to go! You'll find music, good food and lots of other activities. I only knew about a few of these but after a bit of googling a few others emerged. 

  • The Real Beer Festival
  • Paulaner Oktoberfest at the V&A Waterfront
  • Oktober Bierfest by SAB
  • Cape Town Festival of Beer
  • German School Basar
  • Oktoberfest in Grabouw

Cape Town Festival of Beer

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Cape Town Rugby World Cup RWC Big Screens

Cape Town Restaurants with TV Screens for RWC matches

Jason Bakery

This is where I will be this Saturday. Their breakfast menu isn't the cheapest but it is so so good! @bakerboy_za is a good friend of mine and he's been working there since the old Jardine days. 

Andiamo at Cape Quarter

Andiamo are inviting you for every Springbok game and have extended their breakfast special for this occasion: R20 breakfast during the week and R59 breakfast buffet over the weekend.

Den Anker - V&A Waterfront

Their beer is Belgian and brewed exclusively for the restaurant! Add a good game of rugby into the mix and you'll definitely have a fun time!

& Union

Real rugby needs #real beer! More 'Beer Salon' than bar, &Union is a celebration of pairing finely produced foods and their consummate counterpoints from a range of distinctly brewed beers. Should be a vibe!

Pepper Club on the Beach

R50 gets you a breakfast, OJ, beer/ glass of bubbly. Call 0214383174

Camps Bay is the perfect setting for Pepper Club on the Beach and continues to attract the city’s stylish and glamorous crowds!

Il Paninaro

A wide variety of Italian Panini with delicious breads and fabulous fillings. Some of the Panini ingredients are imported from Italy. Always great pasta and pizza specials for the whole family!!

Further venues inside!
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Cape Town Rugby World Cup RWC 2011 Big Screen Venue

 Rugby World Cup Big Screen Venue in Cape Town

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August Newsletter

  FoodBlogCT 08/2011  

  How to design national flags with food items?
These were on display at the International Food Festival in Sydney more
  Ever wanted to make your own wine at home?
You certainly won't find many of these types of wine at your local supermarket but they are not as difficult to make as you might think - so why not just make some yourself, home! more

Thai Red Curry Recipe

I love me a good curry. I want my curry to be so hot and spicy! more

Aqua Sushi Review | Restaurant Review
Most popular post this month



  Aqua restaurant has changed ownership many times over the past few years and the current set up is one which I hope is going to hold steady because their sushi is unique and exciting. TerryZhou is making sushi the way it is supposed to be med and then adds a thrilling Western influence. learn more...

Beef Cakes Restaurant Review

Beefcakes is a 50's style burger bar found in the heard of Greenpoint. Pretty much everything is pink or white, including the decorative flamingos, piano and glitter balls. There's a stage filled with props like hats, wings, masks, glasses, boas' etc etc given to customers to wear. It's kitsch, it's over-the-top and it's a really, REALLY good time learn more...


Honest Choc Opening Evening

a small artisanal chocolate company based in Cape Town. They use raw, organig cacao that is ethically sourced from Ecuador. more


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Real beer meets pizza at Massimos

In preparation for the Real Beer festival that's coming up on the 30th of September, the guys from 'We love real Beer' have teamed up with Massimo's in Hout Bay. 7 dishes by Massimo's paired with 7 #real beers including a take-home real beer pack for R295. It's happening this Thursday, so book now as places are limited.

We Love real beer and pizza
Further Details
The menu
  • fennel & parmesan salad with &Union Steph Weiss
  • Between the Sheets focaccia with Darling Bonecrusher
  • Capra pizza (goat cheese & salsa verde) with &Union Berne
  • Acciuga pizza (mozzarella, peppers and ‘bagna cauda’) with Darling Slow beer
  • Cacio pizza (spicy sausages, cacio cheese, roasted red onions, chili) with Jack Black
  • Montagna pizza (black forest ham, caciotta cheese, mushrooms) with Darling Native ale
  • Dessert (chocolate & beer cake) with &Union Dark

Directions & Contact

Oakhurst Farm Park,
Main Rd, 7806 Hout Bay, Cape Town
Contact Massimo's
Phone: 021 7905648

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SA Food and Wine Blogs

South African Food & Wine Blogs

I got the idea of compiling a list of South African Food & Wine blogs after reading a post by RunningWolfsRant and his list of South African Bloggers on Twitter. I thought, why not do the same but concentrate on food & wine. Plus, this will make #ff so much easier. These blogs don't appear in any particular order - it's just a random list of food blogs. However, for one milllllllion dollars, I can make your blog appear right at the top!  

If I forgot to add someone, please don't take it personally. I still love you! Comment below or drop me a mail so I can add you. 

Find the list inside!

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Taste of Cape Town 2011


I can't wait for the....

Taste of Cape Town 2011

Last year was the first time I went to Taste of Cape Town and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. This year 14 of Cape Town’s top restaurants will again join together to serve their fabulous, trend-setting signature dishes that have made them so popular with foodies, critics and basically anyone who appreciates good food.

Tickets are priced from R70 and booking is recommended. For more information and bookings visit or

Festival times:
Thur 5th May: 18h30- 22h30
Fri 6th May: 18h30- 22h30
Sat 7th May: 13h00- 17h00; 18h30- 22h30
Sun 8th May: 12h00- 17h00

Tickets are limited and booking is recommended – for further information and bookings visit or 
Standard tickets cost R70 (including a Taste wine glass)
Premium Tickets cost R160 (which includes R100’s worth of Festival Crowns and a Taste wine glass) 
Taste Club House tickets cost R750 (which includes R200’s worth of Festival Crowns, plus lots of extras).

Taste of Cape Town Festival Crowns:
Crowns are the Festivals’ official “currency”, which can be purchased at the festival from vendors walking around the festival grounds. Visitors use these Crowns to purchase sample dishes and drinks from the various exhibiting restaurants, bars and exhibitors. Each Crown is worth R5. Change is offered in Crowns only.

Taste of Cape Town


List of Participating Restaurants
• Simply Asia
• Wang Thai
• Jordan Restaurant with George Jardine
• Societi Bistro
• Bistro Sixteen82
• Pierneef a La Motte
• Signal at Cape Grace
• Fyndraai Restaurant
• Planet Restaurant
• GOLD Restaurant
• Nobu Cape Town
• Taj Cape Town
• Il Leone Mastrantonio
• Savour Restaurant at 15 on Orange Hotel


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Win Nothing but a Good Feeling



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PubLunch Prize Giving

As I hope you know, I was helping out SAB and 34 degrees North with their pub lunch campaign. They launched a campaign to find the best pub lunch under 50 bucks in Cape Town and more than 50 bars & pubs were participating. I was one of the lucly judges who had to try the top10 meals in order to establish the overall winners!

On Friday the winners were announced at a Prize Giving Ceremony at the SAB Newlands Oval. Sadly, I coudn't make it, as it was also my parent's 30 year wedding anniversairy and I don't think they would have been very impressed if I had bailed on their dinner plans. But I spied on the Twitter Page of RelaxwithDax (one of the other judges) and found out about the winners that way! are the two winner!


River Club
Description: Enjoy drinks in a relaxed atmosphere at The Players Cafe's, a prime venue for authentic local bands and big screen sport events. There is a regular Monday evening Live Music night, showcasing local talent.

Liesbeek Pkwy
Tel: 0214487906

My Verdict: Their special was a beef burger with chips + draught beer for 50 bucks. The meal was average in my opinion but there were other aspects we had to rate such as venue, beer & service. And those were all very very good!

Cafe Verdi
Description: Take a warm and welcoming English pub atmosphere, combine it with the delicious aromas of a wood fired pizza oven, and throw in an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life, and you have Caffe Verdi - the preferred meeting, eating and socialising venue for a growing number of Capetonians.

21 Wolfe Street
021 7620849

My verdict: Cafe Verdi was one of my favorite venues, the service was top and having a gourmet burger on special for didn't do them any harm! One of the few venues in the top10 I will actually visit again!


Cafe Verdi and the River Club both won R30.000 to be split between the employees and owners....nice! So, if you feel like going out for lunch why not try out these two award winning pubs in Cape Town. I know I will! 


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Best Pub Lunch in Cape Town

Best Pub Lunch in Cape Town

SAB have launched a campaign to find the best pub lunch under 50 bucks in Cape Town. More than 50 bars & pubs are participating. This is your chance to save some major cash while also voting for your favourite pub lunch! Each week I will highlight some of the pubs that are taking part in this competition. You will find a list of all venues here. From the 6th of March, when the promotions have ended, I have also been asked to judge the top10 finalists! Already excited…go eat & vote!!!

Best Pub Lunch in Cape Town

How the competition works!


Each pub will offer lunch specials + draught beer ranging between R45-R50. When visiting a participating venue, you will find a unique venue code on posters and at your table. Now you can either log in to foursquare, where you will find the special immediately. Or you can send the venue code by SMS to 42189 and the special will be send to your cell phone. You’ll have to show the special to your waitron in order to redeem it.

Once you have finished your meal, enjoyed your ice-cold draught and are basking in heavenly bliss, you will receive an SMS asking to rate the meal you just had. On a scale of 1-5 you can rate the quality of the draught, food and service. The specials end on the 6th of March and the 10 pubs with the most check-ins will be the finalists. PLUS,... I've been chosen to be one of the five lucky judges who will try the top10 meals in order to establish the overall winners. :)

The winning small and large venue will each get R30 000 which will be split between the owner and the staff.


For more info:


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Alba Lounge - Johnnie Walker Whisky Tasting

 Alba Lounge - Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Whisky Tasting


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Food Photography for Bloggers

 food photography for bloggers


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