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7 steps for Successful Marketing

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Aug 02 2010
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7 Step Marketing

While studying at UCT, one has to read a wide range of academic material on marketing and business practices. And academics like listing things. Especially listing steps. The 5-, 7- and 10-step lists seem to be favored. 

I am reading Guerrilla Marketing by JC Levinson at the moment which is about marketing practices and ideas for small business owners/entrepreneurs. He proposes a 7 step program for successful marketing aimed at small business owners. While I was reading it, I thought that these could be adopted to restaurants as well. 

1. Find the inherent drama in your offering

Something about your restaurant must be inherently interesting, otherwise you won't have customers. The reasons people will want to come to your restaurant should give you a clue as to what this inherent drama is.

2. Translate that inherent drama into a meaningful benefit

Always remember: People buy benefits and not features. People do not buy cars, they buy the speed, the luxury, the status, etc.. You have to find the major benefit for your offering to your customers and write it down. It should come directly from the inherently dramatic feature. Stick to one or two - even if you can think of more. 

3. State your benefits in as believable way as possible

There is a major difference between honesty and believability. You can be 100% honest but potential customers might still not believe you. You must break the barrier that advertising has erected by its tendency towards exaggeration and then state your benefits in such a way that it will be accepted and believed.

4. Get the people's attention

People do not pay attention to advertising, they pay attention to things that are of interest to them. Sometimes this can be in advertising. But make sure you interest them in your service, and not just your advertising. I can think of many ads that were funny and intelligent, but I can't remember what were they actually trying to say/sell? 

5. Motivate your audience to get involved

Twitter and Facebook is the ideal platform for this. Motivate your followers to do the marketing for you. You will save money that way  And don't stop short. To make guerrilla marketing work, you must tell people exactly what you want them to do.

6. Be sure you are communicating clearly

You know exactly what you are talking about in your ad...but do your readers or listeners. Recognize that people aren't thinking about your business and that they will not give their full attention to your ad. 

7. Measure your finished advertisement against your creative strategy

Levinson talked about the creative strategy in an earlier chapter. A good strategy states where the business is at this point in time, where it wants to be in the future and the measures that will be taken to get there. The strategy should act as a blue print for all marketing activities. If the marketing fails to fulfill the strategy, it's a lousy ad (no matter how much you love it). Scrap it and start again!

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