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Aqua Sushi Menu

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Oct 26 2011
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I need to go to rehab.

written by Kayli Vee Levitan 


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Just ideas that ooze at random from my brain, generally as soon as I hoped to fall asleep. So here they are, written out, so that the ideas can leave my brain. So that I can get some sleep. It may not be putting pen to paper, but finger to keyboard seems to work just fine. I type them out and then I dream.

For me to go back to the same restaurant regularly means that it really has to have something special going on. Oh, with the exception of my hungover KFC cravings. Or hot waiters. Or cheap alcohol. Or… *ahem*… Ya, so something special. Like at Aqua, a restaurant I find myself particularly drawn to.

Aqua has recently closed down!

The venue, although strangely designed, is very pretty, the location is ideal, the staff are pretty damn funny and the sushi, well, the sushi is fan-f******-tastic.

They have all the usual stuff found at all sushi restaurants but then they have the fusion menu which has recently been revealed to the public. Everything on the fusion menu is half price, there is literally no excuse not to give it a try. You WILL NOT regret it.

Here is just a glimpse of the incredible sushi menu:

  1. An amazing starter platter of endemame beans; salmon roses; bamboo and salmon roses; springbok roses; spicy seared salmon; tempura aubergine, courgette, onion and prawn served with a spicy ponzu dipping sauce.

  2. Tempura Rainbow rolls. Salmon, crab and prawn, served within a single circular tempura served with eel sauce.

  3. “Boerewors Roll”. Spicy salmon tartar, wrapped in seaweed and served with a smokey brown mayo dressing.

  4. Springbok Rainbow Rolls. Springbok carpaccio, with an avocado and creamcheese filling. Topped with apricot mayo.

Aqua Sushi Menu Cape Quarter Cape Quarter Aqua
Sushi Cape Quarter Aqua Sushi Menu

And this was just the start of it. Aqua fusion menu is quite honestly, outta this world. I am addicted.

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