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Food for Thought: The Art of Complaining

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Mar 24 2010
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This post has been adapted from a post by Seth Godin - just changed it a bit to make it relevant to restaurants.

  • A flood hits a town and innocent people die and buildings are destroyed. The widows and bereaved families take it out on the government official who has come to help.
  • A novice computer user downloads viruses, interacts with spyware and encounters a system crash. He calls tech support for the word processor he uses and lets them have it!
  • A family dines at a restaurant and receive their order late and cold. Who do they complain to? - The waitron!
In each case, the person being hated on is exactly the one person that can do the most to help your situation. But somehow, we can’t help ourselves – we just can’t keep our emotions in check. But if you think for a while, the organization or person that deals with the public is not the reason for the mishap – it’s not their fault.
  • That software tech rep, the one who didn't cause your viruses, she's actually the very best person to calmly explain how to get rid of them.
People don't remember how you behave when everything is going great. They remember how you behave when you're stressed out!
Next time you receive crap service at one of your regular restaurants go to the manager, tell him you’ve been there a few times. Tell him how good their service and their dishes normally are. Tell him you always love coming there! And then tell him about your complaint.
It’s a better way to complain than just aimlessly shouting at a random person who has nothing to do with the actual fault. He is gonna listen to you. And he will remember you the next time you enter his restaurant. And by that time, he will have made sure that the same mistakes won’t happen again.
Any thoughts? Comment below! Also, vote on our featured song this Monday - Age of Love by Andrew Bennett.

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