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FoodBlogCT Headlines Week 10 2012

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Mar 04 2012
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FoodBlogCT Headlines Week 10 2012

News compiled by Marvin Leugering

You can also follow me @MarvinLeug

Founder of FoodBlogCT; Arsenal & Dortmund fan; B.Bus.Sci - Marketing graduate from UCT; currently completing my masters thesis on social media, consumer behaviour & tourism.

Friday, the 9th March

#FoodFact: Only 1% of corn that is grown is eaten as corn.

Pink Slime Found In 70% Of Supermarket Ground Beef

According to a recent "ABC World News" report from Jim Avila, 70% of ground beef sold in supermarkets contains the ammonia-treated sludge, which is the the product of a method for salvaging meat scraps from otherwise unusable parts of a carcass. [read more]

Jamie Oliver's foulmouthed response to question about his weight gain

The celebrity chef, 36, bristled when asked by a female reporter if he had gained a few pounds recently and called her a 'b****'. [read more]

Global food prices on the rise

The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation's (FAO) food price index published on Thursday, rose 1%, or 2.4 points from January to February. [read more]

Nestle cuts off entire Country

Nestle, the world's largest food company, has severed all trade ties with the country of Azerbaijan. The company says it made this decision due to supply problems, which local sources attribute to corruption between the local distribution company and the Azerbaijan customs authority. [read more]

Thursday, the 8th March

#FoodFact: The term “Caesar salad” has nothing to do with Julius Caesar. Its’ named after its inventor, Caesar Cardini.

Dont blame 'food deserts' for obesity

A new paper is challenging the notion that “food deserts” — rural and urban areas where nutritious food is difficult to obtain — are to blame for the rise in obesity. [read more]

How junk food affects our digestion

Good digestion is very crucial for maintaining healthy immune function. A healthy digestive system depends on a healthy diet. [read more]

Artist paints with marmite and jam on toast

Oddity Central showcases young Nathan Wyburn, an artist who paints celebrity portraits with Marmite and jam as his medium, on white toasted bread as his canvas. [read more]

Health of South Africa’s agriculture sector is crucial
Derek Hanekom, deputy minister of science and technology, says agriculture is key to the government’s plans to ensure food security and increase job opportunities. [read more]

Wednesday, the 7th March

#FoodFact: The Inuit people offer hunted seals a drink of fresh water before they die.

2nd Telegram Singles Night at Alexander Bar
Straight and single? Following the success of our first telegram singles night we’re hosting another of these stylish evenings on March 8th from 19h30 to 22h30. R25 gets you your first glass of bubbly or pinotage and a number to wear. [read more]

Soda-Cancer Link Suggested By Controversial Report

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a consumer interest group released a report today linking Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Pepsi and Diet Pepsito a chemical that has been known to cause cancer in lab rats and mice. [read more]

Food writer reveals unusual side of Italian desserts

Italian delicacies like tiramisu and cannolis are familiar to people around the globe and the list may grow as veteran food writer Francine Segan shares unusual Italian desserts in her newest book. [read more]

Will The iPad make Waiters Obsolete?

A growing number of restaurants are encouraging customers use tablet computers to order food and pay the bill, according to news reports. [read more]

Tuesday, the 6th March

#FoodFact: It’s very possible that the steaks you’re buying have been glued together from smaller steaks, using “Steak Glue”.

Spain pins hopes of economic recovery on food and drink exports

Spanish farmers face uphill struggle made worse by austerity and burden of doing business in crisis-hit eurozone. [read more]

Food in exchange for theatre tickets in Greece

Owing to the Greek debt crisis, a theatre in Salonica is selling its tickets in exchange for non perishable food. [read more]

Experimental treatment may help food allergies

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Duke University are working on a treatment that may one day allow kids with allergies to safely eat the foods that cause them life-threatening reactions. [read more]

Movie Theater sued over expensive Snacks

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Livonia, Mich., resident is suing his local AMC theater "in hopes of forcing theaters statewide to dial down snack prices." [read more]

Monday, the 5th March

#FoodFact: Up until the 19th century, lobster was considered trash fit to be eaten by slaves and prisoners.

New food regulations take effect in SA

All food manufactured, imported and sold in South Africa must be labelled with detailed nutritional and compositional information. [read more]

Japan tightens limits on radiation in food

Japan is to place stricter limits on the amount of radiation in vegetables sold for human consumption from April 1. [read more]

1 in 4 using savings to buy food

One in four people have had to use their savings to buy food and daily essentials, while one in five have gone into debt to do so, a new report revealed.[read more]

Nestle Confectionery's Artificial Ingredients Get Axed In UK

Nestle, the world's biggest food company, just announced that it would has removed all artificial ingredients from the candy it sells in the U.K. [read more]


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