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FoodBlogCT Headlines Week 12 2012

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Mar 18 2012
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FoodBlogCT Headlines Week 12 2012

News compiled by Marvin Leugering

You can also follow me @MarvinLeug

Founder of FoodBlogCT; Arsenal & Dortmund fan; B.Bus.Sci - Marketing graduate from UCT; currently completing my masters thesis on social media, consumer behaviour & tourism.

Friday, the 23rd March

#FoodFact: Pearls melt in Vinegar

10 Things I Learned Working In A Restaurant Kitchen

If you had asked me six months ago if I planned to spend my winter in the hot kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant, I would have laughed and told you that it just wasn't my plan. [read more]

McDonald's CEO Stepping Down In July

McDonald's Corp Chief Executive Jim Skinner, who took the top post at the world's biggest hamburger chain following the abrupt departures of two CEOs, is retiring after more than seven years as a stabilizing force at the helm. [read more]

How food television is changing the way we dine

When Michel Jacob, owner and chef at Le Crocodile, opened his French restaurant in downtown Vancouver over 25 years ago, the term “celebrity chef” was reserved for people like Julia Child, speciality food channels on television didn't exist, and customers certainly weren't blogging about their dining experiences. [read more]

Food-born illnesses on the rise in the U.S

Foodborne disease outbreaks caused by imported food appeared to rise in 2009 and 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [read more]

Thursday, the 22nd March

#FoodFact: In ancient China, people committed suicide by eating a pound of salt.

Gluten-free dining on the rise

When True Food Kitchen opened the doors to its flagship Arizona restaurant nearly four years ago, the menu offered a few gluten-free meals – a gesture to cater to a small category of diners. [read more]

Food allergy test called 'waste of money'

Dr. Elana Lavine said she's seeing a stream of people who have undergone the testing or have had it done on their children in the belief that a food allergy might explain other complaints or ailments. [read more]

George Clooney Tequila: Star Launching 'Casamigos' Line

After so many other celebrities have decided to get into the wine game recently, it's no surprise that George Clooney is joining the celebrities-that-have-an-alcohol-brand team. [read more]

Old Havana restaurants quietly going smoke-free

A number of state-owned restaurants in Havana's picturesque colonial quarter have quietly gone smoke-free indoors in recent weeks as authorities there enforce a 2005 measure that has been almost universally flouted across the country. [read more]

Wednesday, the 21st March

#FoodFact: Squirrel meat apparently tastes like chicken

Nestle, Mars, Colgate Fined for Pet-Food Price-Fixing

PARIS—France's antitrust authority fined Nestle, Mars Inc. and Colgate-Palmolive Co.€35.3 million ($46.7 million) for pressuring their distributors to keep prices high for pet food, the latest in a string of rulings to crack down on alleged price fixing across large swaths of the French economy. [read more]

Scientists Find Way To Remove Bad Fats From Hot Dogs

Scientists learned that lesson the hard way in 2009, when they tried replacing frankfurters' saturated fats with oils, which are healthier than solid fats. [read more]

Fatty food attacks mood

Foods high in trans fats can make you aggressive and irritable, says a new study bickering with your spouse and feeling irritable with your kids or colleagues? [read more]

Wendy's bumps Burger King as fast-food's No. 2 burger chain

Wendy's edged out Burger King in U.S. sales volume for the first time last year since Wendy's was founded in 1969, according to a report by the food industry research firm Technomic that's set to be released next month. [read more]

Tuesday, the 20th March

#FoodFact: Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830

Top restaurants and chefs at the Taste of Cape Town

Fourteen of Cape Town's finest chefs will be showcasing their signature dishes at this year's Taste of Cape Town at the Green Point Cricket Oval from 19 to 22 April, 2012. The public can sample the best that the city has to offer, and engage in a variety of complementary events. [read more]

South Africa holds the Record for the largest pizza in the world

The Guinness World Record for the largest pizza in the world goes to a pie that was created in South Africa in 1990. [read more]

Starbucks Opening First Evolution Fresh Juice Store

Starbucks Corp will open the first store in its new Evolution Fresh juice bar chain on Monday, its biggest move outside coffee and one it hopes will boost the company's position in the $50 billion health food sector. [read more]

North Korean Rerstaurant Opens in Europe

Amidst Amsterdam's romantic canals, hash bars and red light district, there now lives Europe's first North Korean restaurant, reports Agence France-Presse.North Korean Restaurant Opens in Europe [read more]

Monday, the 19th March

#FoodFact: Romans invented the Lollipop

Red Bull Founder Reportedly Dead At 80

The founder of the energy drink Red Bull has died, according to the Bangkok Post. Chaleo Yoovidhya, a Thai billionaire and the world's 205th richest man, died at a hospital in Bankok on Saturday, reportedly of natural causes. [read more]

Curbing food waste

Cleaning your plate may not help feed starving children today, but the time-worn advice of mothers everywhere may help reduce food waste from the farm to the fork, help the environment and make it easier to feed the world’s growing population. [read more]

Hunger hits Swaziland - Unicef

One in four households in Swaziland, Africa's last absolute monarchy, were hit by the rising cost of food and even forced to skip meals, Unicef said in a report on Friday. [read more]

Restaurant sales hint at a rising economy

Over the 12 months through January, sales at what the government calls full-service restaurants in the US were 8.7 percent higher than in the previous 12 months. [read more]

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