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FoodBlogCT Headlines Week 8 2012

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Feb 19 2012
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FoodBlogCT Headlines Week 8 2012

Friday, the 24th February

#FoodFact: Microwave cooking was discovered accidentally, when a chocolate bar melted in someone’s pocket

SA's food market fad explodes on iafrica

There's been an explosion of markets taking place, not only in Cape Town but around the country people are jumping into the idea. [read more]

Muesli placed on fat food blacklist on TVNZ

A list of 49 foods that should be avoided completely or eaten only as a treat has been released by University of Otago researchers. [read more]

The Restaurant Experience: The world’s first interactive restaurant on BigHostpality

TV chefs John Burton-Race and Jonathon Davies have partnered to create The Restaurant Experience – an innovative interactive restaurant, chosen by the people for the people. [read more]

Scan Your Food For Bacteria With Your Cell Phone on PopSci
Have you ever been tempted to order steak tartare but decided against it for fear of getting sick? This little cell phone scanner can take a look at it for you and let you know if it does in fact harbor any E. coli bacteria. [read more]

Thursday, the 23rd February

#FoodFact: Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs has been tasted by archaeologists and found edible.

NASA Wants You … to Eat Space Food in Hawaii on Mashable

Calling all supertaster space nerds: NASA wants your help to improve the bland food astronauts would have to eat while on a mission to Mars. [read more]

Pepsi to axe jobs in new war on Coca-Cola on the Independant

Pepsi has promised to take the fight to its arch-rival Coca-Cola, with an extra $600m marketing and advertising blitz which is being funded by employee cutbacks. [read more]

In defense of cooking competitions on the Huffington Post

Why do the competitors, most of whom are already committed to grueling daily schedules put themselves through the rigors of training, the potential embarrassment or disappointment of losing. [read more]

Gordon Ramsay is spat out by his Canadian restaurant on the Independant

Gordon Ramsay's first and only restaurant in Canada has severed its ties with the chef, ditching his name from its title and ripping up its contract after claiming he was not devoting enough time to the venture. [read more]

Wednesday, the 22nd February

#FoodFact: An apple is made up of 25% air, which is the reason why they float in water.

Toughest U.S. restaurants to get a reservation on FoxNews

Waits for some of the star restaurants can be months, even years in the making, and if you do succeed in dining there, you're rightfully allowed equally-long bragging rights. [read more]

Consumers spending less on food and more on clothes on the Telegraph

British consumers have cut back on the amount of food they buy, but are purchasing more clothes, according to official figures. [read more]

Minister declares war on lifestyle diseases on IOL

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has declared all-out war on the harmful trans fats contained in many fast foods. [read more]

Feeding scheme changes lives in KZN on 7th space

President Jacob Zuma said during the 2012 State of the Nation address that over eight million learners benefit from government's school feeding scheme. [read more]

Tuesday, the 21st February

#FoodFact: The world's first chocolate candy was produced in 1828 by Dutch chocolate-maker Conrad J. Van Houten.

Heston Blumenthal’s £207,000 test tube burger on the Sun

Heston Blumenthal is to dish up a £207,535 burger which will contain the first beef patty produced in a lab. [read more]

Virtual shopping moves into food aisles on the Age

The supermarket wars have moved from the grocery aisles to cyberspace. [read more] about the future of grocery shopping.

How long can someone survive without food? on BBC

A Swedish man, found in a car buried under snow, says he survived for two months without food by eating handfuls of snow. [read more]

SA Food security threatened on iafrica

A lack of communication between farmers and government is threatening South Africa's food security. [read more]

Monday, the 20th February

#FoodFact: There are over 500 different types of bananas

Dining After 'Downton Abbey' on NPR

If you've watched Downton Abbey on BBC Entertainment yesterday, you've probably deduced that dining was a very, very big deal during that period. Why do we eat differently today? The short answer: World War I. [read more]

Decoding why food and sex are such great friends on Indian Express

This corelation between food and sex has been upheld by legend, tradition and now research. [read more]

Climate change and the food supply on Macleans

Researchers point out that corn, wheat, rice and soy make up 75 per cent of our calories, but these crops tend to be very heat sensitive. [read more]

Obama lands in shark-infested water over restaurant pick on Huffington Post

Of all the dozens of restaurants he could have visited, he chose what may have been the worst possible one: Great Eastern restaurant. [read more]


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