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FoodBlogCT Headlines Week 9 2012

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Feb 26 2012
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FoodBlogCT Headlines Week 9 2012

Friday, the 2nd March

#FoodFact: Wasabi is being used in smoke alarms for deaf people.

New La Mouette Tasting Menu

Vegetarian tasting menu at R240 & Gourmand tasting menu at R395 [read more]

Richmond pays food blogger $50.000 per year

Tourism Richmond has put out the call and believe it or not, it’s for real: Pay is $50,000 for a year, plus a daily dining-out stipend for two. [read more]

Understand what you read on food labels

Reading food labels is an important step in taking charge of your nutrition and health. [read more]

Food Trucks' Rocky Roads to Success

With the current craze in drive-by-dining, small business owners should consider all the facts before they hit the road. [read more]

Thursday, the 1st March

#FoodFact: Fructose can speed up alcohol metabolism by 80%.

N. Korea to End Nuclear Tests for Food Aid

North Korea has agreed to temporarily suspend nuclear tests, long-range ballistic missile launches, and other nuclear activities. [read more]

15 international food etiquette rules will might surprise you
In Thailand, don't put food in your mouth with a fork; In the Middle East, India and parts of Africa, don't eat with your left hand. [read more]

A Food-Chain Reaction

Picking grapes, cutting garlic and stocking shelves while pondering the ways in which Americans feed themselves. Aram Bakshian Jr. reviews "The American Way of Eating." [read more]

Is Beijing the new Bordeaux? Moët takes vineyards to China

French wine has dominated the market for centuries, but now even the premiers crus are having to heed the new economic realities and look to the vinicultural upstart China for expansion. [read more]

Wednesday, the 29th February

#FoodFact: The avocado has the most calories of any fruit.

Using art to help children make better eating choices
For an elementary school pupil, there’s nothing more yucky than parsnips or lima beans. An after-school snack? Who wouldn’t prefer a candy bar over apples or carrots? [read more]

5 so-called health foods you should avoid
Eating healthy can be harder than you think, thanks to an enterprising food industry that wants us to consume more than we need. [read more]

More Americans are having a 'second breakfast'
On-the-go Americans increasingly are consuming their morning calories over several hours instead of sitting down to devour a plate of pancakes, bacon and eggs in one sitting. [read more]

Why do astronauts crave spicy food?
Zero-gravity does a lot of weird things to the human body. It even makes astronauts suspended in space crave foods they wouldn't necessarily find themselves snacking on here on Earth — particularly hot sauce. [read more]

Tuesday, the 28th February

#FoodFact: The green stuff on the occasional freak potato chip is chlorophyll.

Social Media is Redefining our Relationship With Food

How people learn to cook, select recipes, plan their meals, purchase their food and share their culinary secrets with others has dramatically changed. [read more]

Avoid high-risk foods

While it is unlikely that we can completely eliminate the risk of foodborne illness, we can certainly identify a few food items that pose a higher risk of making us ill and avoid them. [read more]

What Chefs Really Think About User Reviews

Judging by a panel discussion on "the next generation of diners" at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival on Friday, chefs fall into two camps when it comes to Yelpers: the solicitous and the dismissive. [read more]

Independent restaurants hardest hit by slow restaurant traffic

Restaurant visits have fallen across the country (USA) since the recession, and the bulk of those lost customers – 87% – abandoned independent eateries. [read more]

Monday, the 27th February

#FoodFact: You can make edible cheese from the milk of 24 different mammals.

Launch of Wine and Only Website

The WineandOnly website is specifically dedicated to the wine tasting experience in South Africa, is totally free (both for users and winemakers), independent, and does not boast any advertisement. [read more]

Top 10 fitness foods available to you today

Fitness foods are often marketed as being dramatically different from the staples that we indulge in every day. [read more]

How Does Reality TV Impact A Chef's Professional Life?

"TV will make a customer come once but the restaurant will make them come back." [read more]

Kenya Blames Somali Militants for Food Crisis‎

Officials said Somalia's south is now in the beginning stages of a humanitarian crisis because its residents are not getting the needed supplies, and they urged more relief agencies to step in. [read more]


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