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FoodBlogCT News Week 7 2012

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Feb 12 2012
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FoodBlogCT Headlines Week 7 2012

Friday, the 17th February

#FoodFact: You'll eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime! Wow!

Restaurant Openings & Closures on Relax with Dax

An update of the latest restaurant openings and closures in Cape Town. [read more]

My blog is important, because I have an opinion! by Whale Cottage

Our latest article by @KayliVee, “My opinion is important, because I’m a blogger” proved extremely popular on Wednesday and prompted a reply by the Whale Cottage blog. [read more]

Best selling dishes in South Africa by Eat Out

Ever wondered how restaurateurs decide what goes on the menu? Or how on earth they know how much of each dish to keep in stock? [read more]

The nutrition puzzle by the Economist

Each year in developing countries, more than 160million children suffer from a lack of vitamin A, 1million die because they have weak immune systems and 500,000 go blind. What can bedone to stop this? [read more]

Thursday, the 16th February

#FoodFact: The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

Jamie Oliver Uncovers Treasures in Basement of new Restaurant on Huffington Post

Jamie Oliver made a bank-busting find recently when builders renovating his latest restaurant found treasures worth £1.1m in the basement. [read more]

Bite into brain food on Toronto Sun

Apples are high in antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins -- antioxidants and flavonoids protect brain and neuron function, heightening your thinking ability and alertness. [read more]

Food system upside down on

In our modern, globally-integrated food system, the more environmentally friendly it is, the more expensive it is. It should be the other way around. [read more]

Food dogs should Avoid on Bangkok Post

Dogs are often treated like members of the family, their well-being regarded as nearly as important as that of one's partner or children. But giving them the same food as humans not always good for them. [read more]

Wednesday, the 15th February

#FoodFact: The first soup was made of hippopotamus

SA wine blogger sued on LeopardLeap

A South African wine blogger is being sued for defamation by the Top 100 SA Wine Competition to the tune of R100 000. [read more]

50 Pick-up Lines for scoring a Foodie on Ecosalon

All in 140 characters or less, these pick-up lines are textable and tweetable! I’d turn vegan for you is one of my favourites. [read more]

Taste of Cape Town Tickets on Sale

Taste of Cape Town returns to the beautiful surrounds of Green Point Cricket Club from 19 – 22 April, 2012. Tickets range from R50 – R200 with those wanting VIP treatment having to pay R685. [read more]

Chocolate Shortage Ahead? on Scientific American

Around the world people spend more than $90 billion a year on chocolate. But the delicate “chocolate tree,” Theobroma cacao, is in peril. [read more]

Tuesday, the 14th February

#FoodFact: Aztecs referred to chocolate as “nourishment of the gods”

Blowing your nose is forbidden at Steers on NoBlog

Hilarious open letter addressed to Steers management by a customer who was asked to leave the branch for blowing his nose too loudly. [read more]

Moonstruck on Clifton 4th with Cravings on CapeTown Blog

Cravings will be offering picnickers a 20% discount on their picnics if ordered and collected from Cravings by Saturday 18 February 2012. [read more]

Food takes the spotlight at Berlin Film Festival on New York Times Blog

Chefs were asked to create meals inspired by films about food – particularly those that explore the global, cultural and environmental dimensions of what we eat. [read more]

Taste the difference: Why home-grown food is tastier and fresher than anything you can buy on the Daily Mail

Nowadays, home-growing has never been more fashionable. The reputable Daily Mail offers advice on how you can produce delicious fresh food for less. [read more]

Lindt Clearance Sale at Cape Quarter

Owly Images



Monday, the 13th February

#FoodFact: To copy the flavor of a strawberry, fast food corporations include 50 distinct chemicals like ethyl acetate, phenythyl alcohol, rose & solvent.

SA to get stricter food laws on IOL

South Africans can expect the introduction of laws restricting fatty acids and salt content in food, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said on Saturday while he also highlighted the destruction caused by “non-communicable” diseases. [read more]

Food allergies vs food intolerance on MSN India

Everyone has a friend who claims to be allergic to anything and everything, but how often are these claims true? Food allergies are very different to food intolerances, as explained by MSN India. [read more]

8 wallet friendly wines for Valentine's Day on Food24

Even though we have been pushing Valentine restaurant dinners/menus for the past couple of days - a romantic evening at home might be a far better option. Looking at some of the prices of the menus, it will also be a lot cheaper. Food24 comes to the party with a cheap but quality selection of wines for your special evening. [read more]

#MyLastMeal on the FoodBlogCT Pinterest Channel

Every Monday we'll ask our followers on Twitter & Facebook what their last meal would be, if they knew the world was going to end. We received some amazing suggestions last week. If you want to add to this list, post your last meal to our Twitter or Facebook page along with #mylastmeal. We would love to hear about it! [read more]

Non-Food Story of the Week

Nothing clears a room like a fart - except perhaps a bomb scare. A 19 year old was arrested at a Mississippi junior college after he allegedly wrote a note on a piece of toilet paper on Tuesday, containing the word 'bomb'. [read more]

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