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Group Buying Marketing

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Jul 05 2011
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News on Group Buying Sites 

1) Why Daily Deals Are Becoming A Raw Deal on

The deals have been embarrassingly good. I used the first Google Offers deal at Floyd’s Coffee yesterday. For $3, I got $10 worth of food. Let me tell you, it’s really hard to spend $10 in a coffee shop. I got an order of red beans and rice, a Mexican Coke, a doughnut and a chocolate chip cookie. The total came to $9.95. That’s a great deal for me, but it’s unsustainable for the business. [read more]

2) Group Buying in South Africa on

The concept of group buying is a good one. Buying in bulk has always been a good way to save money and sometimes people even form ‘buying clubs’ in order to get bulk discounts. So harnessing the power of the internet to connect people into an ad hoc buying club to take advantage of bulk discounts should really be flawless. [read more]

3) Analyzing Groupon Profitability on

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately about the strategy of group buying sites (or daily deals, flash sales, etc.). Groupon is the leader in this space…so much the word is becoming a verb. The questions I often hear are: How do you know if Groupon (and group buying deals) are right for a type of business? What are the factors that make Groupon a profitable strategy? How do you evaluate and analyze the profitability of Groupon? [read more]

4) Deal-of-the-Day Marketing ROI Calculator on

Deep discount offers are spreading a dark shadow over the retail and restaurant industry like a dark shadow and restaurant owners have a choice to do impulse marketing or watch, wait and first calculate the ROI. [read more]

5) Leverage your Group Buying Campaign on

They have provided us with a renewed focus on local business and for me, being an advocate for local business it is encouraging. However the problem that this presents, is that the focus is on price, and this can be a dangerous game for small business. But do not take this as a warning to avoid the opportunity, simply it is a warning to take particular steps to utilise the opportunity and maximise the benefit to your business in the long-term.[read more]

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