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I'm Lovin' It 2.0 - McDonalds

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Apr 22 2010
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I’m Lovin’ it 2.0

We’re all lovin’ it. Every student has been to McDonalds at least once in their life. And most of us have liked it enough to come back several times.

Now, their slogan “I’m lovin’ It” has been the company's most successful and longest-running campaign, surpassing the iconic "You deserve a break today," and "Food, Folks and Fun," both in longevity and sales gains. I’m not old enough to know those slogans but I’ll take their word for it!

If you look at the business success, there would have been no reason" for changing the campaign -except for ego. We're bringing it out from behind the arches and into the action to better brand and celebrate those uniquely McDonald's moments. Even more importantly, we're making sure that we build both brand equity and drive sales with every piece of advertising. - CMO Mary Dillon

So guys! They are keeping the slogan...and making it even better. The result: some of the best TV Ads I have seen in a long time. It’s funny, it’s emotional, and it’s relevant. Lovin’ it! Check them out below! 

Source: AdAge

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Nom Nom King By Unknown on Apr 28 2010 at 6:40 PM
i dont think i will ever fall "out of love" with the Golden Arches...
although i think they could at least offer more fruit juices

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