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La Mouette’s Twitterati Party

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Feb 08 2012
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Twitter is the new black.

written by Kayli Vee Levitan 


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Just ideas that ooze at random from my brain, generally as soon as I hoped to fall asleep. So here they are, written out, so that the ideas can leave my brain. So that I can get some sleep. It may not be putting pen to paper, but finger to keyboard seems to work just fine. I type them out and then I dream.

I almost missed booking my spot at La Mouette’s #TwitteratiParty. Had this happened I would have gone through all the motions of loss. I would have cried, thrown a tantrum, been distraught, fallen into deep denial, stalked someone who was going, gone outside the venue and glared angrily at everyone and finally, made peace (a bit). Lucky for me, and the rest of civilisation, I booked just in time.

A little background knowledge. Twitter training 101: Not all of you may be au fait with Twitter but when you put a # (hashtag) before a word, it links anyone who uses the same # together. If enough people use the same tag, the topic will “trend” be it in Cape Town, South Africa or Worldwide. Also, every person on Twitter has what is called a “handle” or a profile name, which starts with an @ sign, for example, I am @KayliVee. Congratulations, you have reached the end of this tutorial.

La Mouette has hosted four #TwitteratiParty’s (yes, I know that’s not how you pluralise “party”, but it’s pretty much a brand name) over the past few years, and each time, it gets bigger and bigger. Although they refuse to exceed the 90-100 person limit, I hear that the cancellations list was longer then Julius Malema’s RAP-sheet. The party is advertised and organised COMPLETELY on Twitter, so obviously if you want to attend you have to have an active account.

After 2 months of waiting,the day finally arrived. I sauntered in through the door, pretending to be confident, paid my R150 and stuck my name badge (Twitter handle of course) firmly on my chest. I looked around confidently (read: nervously) in the hopes that I would know someone.

La Mouette Twitter Party

 Off in the distance who did I spot? But good old @neiLLanthony, sipping on some champers. I trotted over to him, ecstatic that I knew someone, and promptly informed him that I needed a glass of champagne to make my hangover go away. No more than 5 minutes later, after we sat down at a table, I managed to spill my entire glass all over the place, causing a waiter to create an even bigger scene by changing the table clothe and telling me on the top of his voice that it was ok to spill. Thanks man.

@LeeBeeCT then arrived and she and @neiLLanthony introduced me to a gaggle of people huddled near the bar and I finally met @Fleabeke, @BlindCripple, @cat_murray and @leenelson, who in turn, introduced me to @YesWeCrann, @dirktolken and @clakebent and @CayleeGrey almong others but I feel that my name dropping should stop at some point.

@purerestaurant, @HoutBayManor, @GrahamBeckWines and @pesto_princess all donated prizes and trinkets in the goodie bags. I had convinced myself that I was going to win a spa voucher or a camera or the lotto, but since I didn’t, my goodie bag filled with champagne, pesto and macaroons made me feel better about myself. @GrahamBeckWines also supplied all the alcohol for the event, which made a lot of people incredibly happy.

La Mouette La Mouette Sea Point

On the menu were delicious veg spring rolls, gazpacho, salt and pepper prawns, cheese and truffle croquettes, parfait, and kebabs all of which kept me very content.

By the end of the day, people were pretty darn tipsy; chatting, singing and having a blast. I secretly hoped that someone would either fall, be pushed or decide to swim in the fountain, but sadly, my wishes were not granted.

 It was very strange putting faces to Twitter handles, especially because you feel like you are friends with someone, who you haven’t met before. All in all, it was an amazing afternoon. I met such interesting people, stared awkwardly from a distance at other interesting people, ate some phenomenal food and drank some glorious wine.

Sea Point restaurant 

While a lot of restaurants are living back in 1948 and don’t think that social media is a necessary method of communication with the public, a few have jumped on the band wagon and it is proving to be incredibly successful. All it takes is dedication, and social media can make your restaurant not just another location, but rather give it a personality of its own. It is this personality that people relate to, which makes them come back for more and more and more. You don’t have to serve the best food, you don’t have to be in prime location, but if you create a good relationship with your customers both in the restaurant AND out, you may as well be sitting on a truffle-mine.

La Mouette is one of the few restaurants that has the food and the personality. Their #TwitteratiParty is something that should never be missed. Follow them on Twitter so you don’t miss out on the next one, or you may end up that jealous creepy guy, watching all the cool kids, from the outside.

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