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Marrakech Moraccan Cafe

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Sep 21 2011
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I will not be your child slave

written by Kayli Vee Levitan 


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Just ideas that ooze at random from my brain, generally as soon as I hoped to fall asleep. So here they are, written out, so that the ideas can leave my brain. So that I can get some sleep. It may not be putting pen to paper, but finger to keyboard seems to work just fine. I type them out and then I dream.

From age 15 to age 18 I worked in a Moroccan restaurant. Yes, it was indeed child slave labour. They had me scrubbing floors with a red bendy toothbrush with only 23 bristles, picking pieces of gum off the bottoms of chairs and tables with my teeth and fanning customers with palm leaves for 18 hours without a break. Even under these strenuous conditions I was able to learn a lot. So I do know my tahmira from my karfa and my tagine from my kofta. Hence when I was invited to Marrakech Moroccan Café on Long, my expectations were pretty high from the start.

Marrakech Moraccan Café which I shall now fondly call MMC because it is far to long to type every time, opened about 7 weeks ago on Long street. I had trouble locating it, but my sense of direction is nothing to go by, so a good reference point is that it is actually inside the centre, 210 on Long.

It’s a quaint (I can’t believe I just said quaint) little restaurant decked out in bright Moroccan-inspired fabrics with comfy couches and a warm atmosphere. It sits about 25 inside and another 15 or so on the patio, where you can smoke a Hubbly Bubbly/Nag/ Negilah/Hookah for just R30.

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We quite literally flopped down on to the incredibly comfy corner couch which is clearly hot real estate, since everyone who walked in eyed our table jealously. After a quick glance at the menu before even asking my friend (sorry Jess) I ordered a pot of mint tea (R18) because boy, when I was the child slave, did I love my mint tea. It was brought quite quickly to the table in a cute little silver tea pot filled with beautiful fresh mint. I completely forgot to ask for no sugar in my tea, so it was a little sweet for me but after adding some extra hot water, it was juuuust right.

To start we shared Harira soup (R29) and a warm chickpea salad (R27). Harira is a thick, spicy and rich lentil soup which was served with crusty homemade bread. It was a very generous portion so it was a very good thing that we were sharing. It was less spicy than I was used to but delicious nonetheless. The warm chickpea salad was flavoured with onion, red pepper, cumin and coriander. It was very nice, but to be honest, wasn’t really a salad and should rather be served as a vegetable option. I personally would have preferred it served cold as a starter.

Moraccan Cafe Long Street Marrakech Moraccan Café

To follow once again we decided to share and went for the lamb kebab (R58) and the chicken, potato and olive tagine (R49). It turned out to be mini lamb kebabs served with a mezze platter and bread so you could mix it up and choose which flavours you wanted. On the mezze was humus, a chickpea and red bean salad, beetroot salad and spiced potato and onion. Since I love me some interactivity I enjoyed both the flavour and the actual process but the real star of the meal was the chicken tagine.

Three beautifully tender chicken pieces in a spicy paprika sauce, with lovely waxy potatoes (yes this is a good thing as grainy and crumbly potatoes are not ideal for a tagine) and lots of green and black olives served with even more homemade bread which was perfect to mop up the sauce.

Long Street Restaurant Restaurant Review

Everyday MMC switch up their desserts but a customer favourite are their pancakes, which I haven’t tried personally, but have heard so much about. They are also running a Pancake and Moraccan Deluxe Coffee special for R17 and have gotten a lovely big-screen TV for all the rugby fans out there. Also on the menu are all day breakfasts (R17 – R32), wraps, pitas, light meals and snacks.

MMC has a cute vibe, where new specials pop up on a daily basis and the owners, who are completely involved in everything that goes on in the restaurant, are truly interested in making people happy. I look forward to going back. Plus, they didn’t seem to have any child slaves hiding around the corner which is always a good thing.

PS: No Kayli Child Slaves were hurt in the making of this blog.

PPS: I wasn’t really a slave. Just a child.

PPPS: And a slave.

PPPPS: No. I lie. Just a child.

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Absolutely Delicious food By Unknown on Sep 21 2011 at 5:45 PM
Ate there a couple weeks ago as a tourist in Cape Town. I have been living in South Africa for the last 2 years and I have to say that the food I had at Marrakesh was undoubtedly one of the few most authentic (albeit modern), flavorful and delicious meals I have had in the country yet. Authentic international cuisine is rare in South Africa and the kind of love and effort that goes into the meals in this restaurant is just superb and makes me a very happy foodie. And, the hummus is JUST.SIMPLY.AMAZING. I can go on and on about their menu and cooking and ambiance and obvious dedication to making damn good food but I'd rather just that all of you go try some yourself.


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