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Minato Sushi Restaurant

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Aug 04 2010
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Minato Sushi Restaurant Review

Every time I go out, I'm off to a restaurant. Every new experience includes the taste explosion of a new exotic meal. Every time I have a new story to tell it involves food. (and every time I buy a new outfit, its a size larger) 

So having said this, today's story obviously involves food. Seriously good food.
In fact, the BEST sushi I have ever had in my life. 
Now, firstly, before I start, I must clarify exactly why I am writing about this - or first, exactly why I am not writing about this. I'm not writing this because I actually think you may give a shit about my life and what I eat, and how amazing my sushi experience was, but, instead, that I am aspiring to become a travel journalist in my latter life, and this is somewhat of the type of writing I hope to be publishing.  Having said this, this specific experience takes place within one of the most interesting little establishments I have ever sat in, in my life. 
The place is called Minato. Its a very quaint  sushi restaurant off of long street, that one would not even look twice at, while passing, with no knowledge of just how incredible the sushi on the inside is. 
Now my dear father asked how one could possibly have better sushi than another. And although this seems like quite the logical argument, and that sushi merely consists of raw fish, rice and soyasauce - trust me, this little place will blow your mind. And not only with its HEAVY, OH SOOOO HEAVY wasabi that gets me crying.
Anyway, when you walk into Minato, the experience extends further than lodging delicious foot-sized pieces of sushi into your mouth (the most graceful fete of your life, I assure you). It starts the moment you walk through the door. 
When you walk through the door you are greeted by a man holding asoya sauce bottle and wearing the biggest smile you can think fathomable. You are, then, again greeted by the same man wearing an exact duplicate of the previous smile, this time holding a beer. And again - holding a bag of rice. The man, you will come to find out, is the owner in his younger years who was then a famous advertisement star. (Yes, don't lose me, as you walk in you will only see man sized posters with simply him smiling, holding his product, headed "Soya Sauce"). 
You are then, literally, greeted by a very beautiful Japanese woman who seats you in your reserved seats (And will most likely know the person you are accompanying - who has placed the reservation -  by their first name). When you are seated you place your full order - both drinks and mains and within literally 15 minutes you are eating. This is when you will notice the hundreds of A4 pieces of paper scattered around the room with instructions on them. Some of them read the following (I would have written down all of them but I was writing them onto a paper napkin, and was abruptly corrected as this too was not correct conduct):
  • A friendly reminder: Please be patient! (One chef-owner, his wife and two waitresses...)
  • You know its worth it!
  • Please order ASAP. All food at once.  
  • Relax and Enjoy! 
  • We accept no American Express or Diner Club Cards and only 2 Cards /Table
  • Please note that no children under the age of 10 are allowed
  • Corkage on the first two bottles per table is 20 rand, thereafter it's R30 per bottle
  • For any complaints please refer directly to the owner! (Who kicks you out and asks you to leave and never return). 
  • (Placed on the outside of the door when fully booked): "Sorry. Fully Booked. You didn't make a reservation. Ha Ha ha!
Totally Epic and should be an inspiration to all restaurants. Here you simply cannot question catering etiquette when the rules are solidly laid down. To me this man is God!

I walked out stuffed like a thanksgiving Turkey, happy as a pig in shit.
Contact Details and Directions
4 Buiten Street
City Centre
Cape Town
Tel: 021 423 4712

Last changed: Oct 27 2010 at 10:50 PM



I dissagree By Unknown on Aug 05 2010 at 9:52 AM
I went after much hype and fanfare, and was very, very disappointed. Lest they have changed their attitude and over the top sushi menu I wont be back.
no, i agree By Unknown on Aug 05 2010 at 11:47 AM
been going there for quite a while now, never experienced anything bad. their sushi is excellent. love it
By Unknown on Aug 05 2010 at 12:36 PM
Always looking for new places. I will def. try it out!
Nom Nom King By Unknown on Aug 05 2010 at 12:53 PM
hmmmm...sounds decent

but i wonder how good their tempura is and what dishes they make other than sushi :)
The Chef ( By Unknown on Aug 05 2010 at 1:47 PM
I have eaten here often and my overall experience has been good. The sushi pieces are huge and made with really fresh ingredients (the crunch roll and rocket roll are two of my favourites). The prices really aren't bad either, given the size of the portions you receive. There are about 4-5 A4 pages of sushi options in the menu, including 3 pages of totally unique offerings - each is well worth a try!

The wine list, while not extensive, offers good value for money. The service is the deciding factor here - some nights we have had a great waitress, with perfect timing. Othertimes, one of the waitresses (the same one everytime) seems to have a serious chip on her shoulder and the service is served with anything but a smile!

The great sushi really redeems it though - unfortunately, there is not much else on the menu for non-sushi eaters (except a few soup options, including an amazing Miso soup). As with most good sushi places, I am finding, the emphasis is on the sushi and not the decor - expect wooden picnic tables, strange Asian-inspired artwork and a variety of background music. I really recommend it on a night when you just want amazing sushi and are not phased about much else.
Original special By Unknown on Aug 05 2010 at 2:18 PM
We eat there often... we go there purely for the food as the decor, service and ambiance are all really nothing to write home about.

I would highly recommend the Minato Original Special - a roll made up of tuna, salmon and avo (no rice) in tempura batter served with plum sauce. Delicious!
Salt & Pepper restaurant and Pepper Club on the Beach By Unknown on Aug 11 2010 at 2:50 PM
Hi if you want to have a decent meal visit Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa, Cnr Loop and Pepper Street Cape Town and enjoy Salt & Pepper. Also try Pepper Club on the Beach, The Promenade, Victoria Road, Camps Bay.

Try the sushi special at Pepper Club on the Beach.

Let me know what you guys think.
Salt & Pepper and Pepper Club on the Beach By Unknown on Aug 11 2010 at 2:56 PM
Check out these two restaurants on this website. Go to restaurants and browse Camps Bay and CBD and have a look at the restaurant websites.
minato\'s is our local By Unknown on Oct 22 2010 at 12:36 PM
LOVE LOVE minato\'s sushi. Everytime my bf and I try somewhere else we always go back to Minato\'s as it\'s the best by far. HUGE pieces of sushi, the rocket roll and alaska rolls are the best.
The service isn\'t fantastic, but you get your food quickly and it\'s worth it.

By Unknown on Oct 22 2010 at 12:57 PM
I agree wholeheartedly! The place has such charm, and the sushi selection is massive and unique.

Here's my tip: If you're keen for some ad-hoc entertainment, enquire about the papa's ad video. You'll be treated to a showing of all the TV ads he's been in on the shoddy TV mounted on the wall, accompanied by him making his appearance and doing a few lines from his ads. Hilarious!

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