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One Way to compile a Wine List

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Jul 20 2010
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One Way to compile a Wine List

In 2009, the London restaurant L'Anima got in on the social media act by crowd-sourcing their wine list selection. They hosted a tasting for six wine experts. The tasters formed three teams to sample a short list and settle on the final selection. Unfortunately these enthusiasts, rarely agree with each other.

And that's where the public came in.

For three wine categories where the experts couldn't reach a decision, L'Anima uploaded videos of each team pleading their case. Members of the public were then asked to vote for the wines that they'd like to have in the restaurant. The exercise proved a successful marketing tool for L'Anima and L'Anima's audience benefited too - getting its nose into proceedings that were once the exclusive domain of experts.

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