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Paulaner during the World Cup

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Jun 17 2010
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Paulaner Brauhaus at the V&A Waterfront during the World Cup

A while ago, Byron wrote an article about the World Cup where he questioned what kind of pricing strategy restaurants would adopt during the World Cup (Tourist Heaven or Local Hell?). Will they increase prices to target tourists and look for short term gains or will restaurant owners/managers stay loyal to their local customers and keep prices fairly constant? 

This Sunday, I was at Paulaner Brauhaus at the V&A Waterfront to watch the Germany/Australia game with a few friends. Incredible vibe, awesome beer and a good football match. Germany won the game 4:0 and the celebrations lasted for many hours. 

Paulaner Brauhaus V&A Waterfront

At around 6pm, they closed the doors to the restaurant and the beer tent. It was packed - lots and lots of people. We spent about 6 hours in total inside the tent at Paulaner: We had a few beers and we had something to eat. And that kinda screwed over my budget I decided on before going there:

45 bucks for a Pretzel! Seriously? WOW!

30 bucks for a plate of chips. Just as a reference: You can get a 1kg pack of frozen oven chips for R19 at Pick 'n Pay online. 

I ordered the Schnitzel. R85. The other day I had a Sirloin with shrimp and cheese sauce at The Mount Restaurant in Durbanville for R95. I can understand that but 85 bucks for a Schnitzel? No ways!

A Weissbier cost R30 for 400ml. Normally you had to pay around the same amount for 500ml! 

I won't be going to Paulaner for a long time. The rest of the Germany games I'll either be watching at the FanFest at the Parade or if it should rain, stay at home or watch it at a friend's. If I happen to be at the V&A Waterfront and feel like a beer or a pub meal, Ferryman's Tavern or Mitchell's are right around the corner. 

Edit 18 June 2010: In no way am i complaining about the food. It's excellent - good German cuisine. And it tastes fantastic - you can't argue with that. I'm just not prepared to pay that amount of money for it. 

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hey By Unknown on Feb 15 2012 at 10:46 PM
I read all your comments and I cannot but agree to all that you wrote. The place is awesome and the food is great that is a fact. I just thought I would just let you know that the place seems to be struggling and is likely to close before Februaru 2012.

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