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Street Smart - South Africa

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Jul 04 2010
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Street Smart - South Africa - How Restaurants can give back to their Communities

Friends of mine made a day-trip to Franschhoek last week and brought back one of the StreetSmart brochures. I went onto their website today: It's a good cause and many restaurants around Cape Town are already participating. But Cape Town can do so much better. It is really easy to join this cause and give back to the community. The information below is directly from their website and the video explains how the process works. 


(Source: StreetSmart Website

StreetSmart raises money via participating restaurants, and distributes this money directly to established charities with the experience and facilities to help children who are living on the streets. Participating restaurants display a StreetSmart card on the table informing patrons that a voluntary R5.00 donation will be added to their bill. They will have the option to give more than R5.00 (or not give at all).

The initiative will run throughout the year and not just at holiday times.



Every cent raised in the restaurants will go to the following three charities:

  • The Homestead - a service provider to boys who live on the street. 
  • Ons Plek - a service provider to girls who live on the street. 
  • Learn to Live - a non-formal educational programme that many street children attend


For more information on Street Smart visit their website.

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