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Taste of Cape Town 2010 Review

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Mar 31 2010
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Taste of Cape Town 2010

I definitely know where I will be going next year: Taste of Cape Town 2011. I had such an amazing time there.

It didn’t start to well however. I was stuck in traffic for an hour cause of roadworks on the N1. And then I was stuck in the queue for 15 mins to get into the parking area. So next year I will make sure to be there a bit earlier to miss that one!
And the weather changed its mind every few minutes.
Like I already wrote in an earlier post, 19 top restaurants were present dishing out sample size meals. Each restaurant had about 3 dishes on offer and each cost around 25 to 40 bucks. Took a big knock on this month’s budget!! But I wanted to enjoy myself – then we set out and explored the area. I was there with a few friends and sometimes we shared a few dishes in order to try out more restaurants.
First we tried out Jardine cause a friend of mine works for their bakery. They were very friendly! And the dishes were amazing. Maze by Gordon Ramsey and Signal @ Cape Grace was also fantastic. Overture...delicious. Those were the restaurants that stood out for me. After Taste of Cape Town, I really want to go to Signal at Cape Grace. I tasted all of their three dishes and all were a dream.
I’m not a food critic and I don’t pretend to be. I just know when I like something and when I hate it. So I have come up with an innovative 5-point system (3=average). Here are the dishes I tried out and their respective restaurants.
Restaurant Dish Score Card
Jardine Restaurant Pork knuckle terrine, Guiness puree, pickeled baby onions and mustard 4
  Confit Kroondal duck leg, pomegranate, celeriac, walnut and duck crumble 4
Le Quatier Francais Braised Lamb breast, white bean and buchu puree, apricot blatjang 3
Maze by Gordon Ramsay Kentucky fried quail sour cream coleslaw, mini con cob 5
Overture The Over - Burger, truffle mayonnaise 3
  Chocolate mille - feuille, rasberry ice-cream 4
Signal at Cape Grace Pan-searred scallops on saffron risotto, micro green salad and burnt butter vinaigrette 4
  Cumin crusted springbok loin, smoked potato and goat's chees and samoosa, date and tamarind jus 4
  Pistachio pavlova, liquid cardomom poached pear and rooibos and hone ice cream 4
Wang Thai Pla Muk Yan - Grilled calamari skewer 1
  Geang Massaman Ga - Lam Massaman curry 3




There were also different sponsors present:
  • The Checkers Wine Route
  • Pick n Pay’s Fresh Living Chef’s Theatre
  • Grolsch Beer Academy
  • Johnny Walker Whiskey Theatre
Heineken was also there with their tent. Most had events and/or promotions planned. It was good fun. There was always something happening to entertain us visitors.
And I made the best discovery yet at the Fresh Producers Market. It’s a company called totally wild and they have the best chocolates ever! They are called Chocaloes. Basically it’s chocolate, aloe and fruit. And it’s amazing! I should have bought more than just one packet. You have to check out their website and go to one of their retail outlets. Check out their site for more details on that! My personal favourite: dark chocolate with aloe and orange. Nom nom nom nom...
So,...if you missed out this year - you definitely have to join me next time! I'm already looking forward to it.
That’s it for now.
Enjoy life!

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Taste of CT By Unknown on Mar 31 2010 at 12:13 PM
missed it this year. but sounds like a vibe!
Michelle By Unknown on Mar 31 2010 at 7:21 PM
It was my first Taste of Cape Town EVER!!! And loved it. The weather played along as well when I was there. You seriously missed out on Bistro Sixteen82 and the Greenhouse was good too. If it wasn't that expensive, you actually have to go twice to enjoy each and every restaurant.

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