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Two Oceans Restaurant Valentines Day 2012

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Jan 24 2012
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Two Oceans Restaurant Valentines Day 2012

Red or blue – Valentine’s Day takes on a new look a the Two Oceans Restaurant

If Valentine’s Day gives you the blues then join us at the Two Oceans Restaurant at Cape Point for a different take on this romantic day!! You choose - be a “red hot love” patron or if that’s not your case then “are you feeling blue? “could show where your heart lies! Either way this is a fun way of looking at this centuries old celebration while enjoying great food at a venue that has some of the best views in the world. We think you’ll leave feeling high on life and full of love!

Two Oceans Restaurant Valentines Day

Two Oceans Restaurant: The Valentines Menu [link opens in new window]

Executive Chef Phil Alcock has conjured up two magnificent menus, taking into account some of the aphrodisiac qualities of certain foods, but allowing for those that feel blue to eat blue! These special lunch menus are sure to satisfy even the grouchiest companion and whisk away the blues. You can choose to take two or three courses at prices that won’t put you in the red!

For the traditionalist – Red is the ultimate turn on! With a menu that combines some sexy pink foods and fresh, fresh ingredients - just looking at the beautifully presented plates is temptation.

To get your taste buds tingling (perhaps even your toes curling) start with a complimentary glass of Klein Constantia Rosé to prepare the mood. Then move into your choice of starter which could be a delicately prepared broth that includes oysters or a wicked watermelon carpaccio. Followed by seared tuna to have you in the pink or a glorious springbok loin to give strength! To end this delectable feast whisper some sweet nothings with a light as air chocolate and raspberry soufflé or refreshingly marinated strawberry and mint.

The Blue Menu is equally tantalizing. A crisp Klein Constantia Sauvignon Blanc sets the scene. Start the food adventure with a Thai inspired mussel dish or a blue wattle smoked buffalo mozzarella salad that shouts more! Bluefish takes the plate or a braised, stuffed oxtail is a hearty alternative and to complete the ‘blue’ meal – baked blueberry tart or, that delightful Italian ‘pick me up’, tiramisu is bound to bring a lift to the spirits!

Whatever your mood, the staff at the Two Oceans will be joining in the fun with their red and blue themed outfits, complete with slogans and a hearty smile! Choose your waiter according to the colour menu you want to eat and wait for the surprises!

Make this Valentine’s Day one where you lunch like a king and queen and as the mood takes you!

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