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FoodBlog – Cape Town Restaurants: Cattle Baron – Canal Walk

During the American Civil War while the farmers where all away fighting to their cause a new breed of business was born – The Cattle Barons. These men would move millions of unattended Texan cattle to Railheads for transport to various market places. They received huge amounts of money which stabilized the war-torn Texan economy.
Now that you now a bit of history, lets continue with info about the actual restaurant...
Cattle Baron Canal Walk can seat 230 guests and has a fully enclosed smoking area. You can also sit outside – an area that overlooks the pavilion area - a perfect venue during the summer.
Their most famous steak is their Chateaubriand – juicy and tender, cooked to perfection. They also serve excellent Calamari steaks and there are also many other choices for vegetarians. So whatever your preferences are, Cattle Baron will not disappoint!
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