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Addis in Cape | Cape Town Long Street Restaurant

Addis in Cape is a loving and astonishing Ethiopian restaurant in Cape Town. It is located on Church Street and is a perfect venue for special events like parties, anniversaries, functions or birthdays. The Addis in Cape restaurant can house over 100 guests.

The restaurant has an inviting ambience and offers a unique dining experience: The talented chefs, the truly Ethiopian feeling and the unique coffee ceremony are just a few aspects that make this restaurant one of the best and most unique in Cape Town.

I have been here recently (December, 2009) and it was truely a unique experience. Firstly, the entire table is set up in such a way so that it is very easy to talk with one another. It is supposed to be a social evening. Secondly, there is an entire routine involved. You do not eat with cutlery at Addis, you eat with your hands. Before the food arrives, they bring a bowl with warm water where you can wash your hands. Then, each table (normally 4 or 5 people) share the food you have ordered - so make sure everyone ordered something different. You get a small pancake type "thing" with which you then pick up - for example - a chicken piece, and then you eat it. And if you like how the food of your partner looks like, you just steal it - others might call it sharing. 

If you haven't been here, you have to go. I will definitely be going here again. Meals range around R75 - R90 (December, 2009). It seems like small portions for that amount of money, but trust me - it fills you up quickly!  

The Ethiopian aspect of the restaurant is not only noticeable in the food. Their entire restaurant is build around it: arts, crafts & traditional decor. Ethiopian furniture has been imported to make the Addis in Cape experience as authentic as it can be. This Ethiopian restaurant in Cape Town gives you the opportunity to experience another culture, if only for a few hours. Local as well as tourists flock towards Addis in Cape for just this reason.

Directions to Addis in Cape

41 Church Street
Cape Town 8001
021 424 5722

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