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Mexican Kitchen Cape Town on Long Street

I have to be honest; the first time I went to Mexican Kitchen I didn’t like it AT ALL! I made my decision; I would never ever go back there again. The food wasn’t great, the waitress was a pain and I just didn’t enjoy the entire evening.
By force, I went there a second time and absolutely loved it. And now I could spend every evening there sipping frozen margaritas and eating ceviche. Don’t know what that is? Try it – much better than anything else that they make. The service at Mexican Kitchen can still be lousy though but because I expect it to be bad I’m not bothered by it anymore. The CD also seems to be in replay mode. Think last time, we spend about 3h at Mexican Kitchen and heard the same song about three times that evening.
Could be good research for the Fresh Drive if they ever decide to have a “Mexican Cheese” theme. They also have lots of sombreros lying around, which makes for very lengthy photo sessions in between orders. It’s really good fun.
Lemon frozen margaritas, ceviche and lots of photos wearing sombreros are a requirement when going to this restaurant in Cape Town, Long Street. Also check out Jamaican Me Crazy in Woodstock if you enjoy this kind of vibe.
Directions to Mexican Kitchen
13 Bloem St just off Long Street

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