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FoodBlog - Cape Town Restaurants: Protea Hotel - Fire & Ice Restaurant

The Protea Hotel Fire and Ice is situated in the centre of Cape Town at the start of Bree Street. As one enters the 3-star establishment, the “extreme” theme strikes at first glance, with the lifts and décor, all wrapped in themes of extreme sports. The high-back chairs in the restaurant are reminiscent of the Mad Hatter’s tea party and the open-plan kitchen compliment the 360 degree glass cold-room. The popular options for food are the American-style gourmet burgers and milkshakes all at relevant prices, ranging from fish to ostrich burgers and chili chocolate to Lindt milkshakes.

Upon presentation of the food, the burger and chips are plated stylishly with sauce and garnish; and the quantity guarantees that you leave there having gotten your money’s worth. Other a la carte options include African and South African-style dishes as well as scrumptious light meals, for example sandwiches and pitas, and breakfasts, not to mention pancakes. Even if one is not in the mood for a meal, the lounge and bar areas are very accommodating and the cocktails on offer are far from insipidity.

Exploring the restaurant of the Fire and Ice Hotel between or after your meal is recommended, as they have an outside pool not to mention many mysterious and exciting restrooms that are a must-see. For more enthusiastic adventurers such places as the “coffin room” and the lounge chairs with imbedded televisions, are pleasantly surprising.

All-in-all, the restaurant delivers on quality and quantity; and even though it may seem quite pricey, it is money well-spent on an adventure and a meal.

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