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FoodBlog - Cape Town Restaurant: Peddlars on the Bend 

If you happen to be in Constantia and looking for a good restaurant, Peddlars on the Bend should be your first choice. The restaurant is a firm favourite among residents and tourists and should not be missed. It has a very unique ambience and offers seats in the restaurant, the bar or you can choose to sit outside in the garden. During the summer this place is always packed and provides a very relaxed and chilled atmosphere. The bar offers lots of local and imported beers along with a selection of cocktails. During the winter season, you will always find the fireplace well lit to provide a cosy and warm dining experience.

You will find many country and Mediterranean dishes on the menu. For starters you should try the Parma Ham, Avo & Rocket. The Soup varies from day to day and salads are also very popular at Peddlars on the Bend. Their main course specialities are Calf’s liver and the Chicken & Leek Pie. Both are magnificent. Peddlers on the Bend always provide fresh seafood and really good steaks. The pub also has a separate food menu with lots of pub dishes. Everyone is catered for!

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