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THE BIGGEST hamburger has landed in Cape Town’s southern suburbs, with the opening of Saul’s Saloon & Grill, a hamburger emporium with its roots in the Atlantic Seaboard and famous for its pre-recession sized gargantuan ‘biggest burgers in town’.

The new venture, situated in a cosy old family-style home from home, is an evocative tribute to nostalgia: romantic 1950s movie stars, hamburger memorabilia and a laid-back saloon character.

On arrival, there is a sunny al fresco spot with cheerful tables and a safe play area for kids, which makes it perfect for a hassle-free time with friends, family and children. The main entrance to the house-cum-restaurant sports an upmarket old-style saloon or bar area and lounge, where lounge lizards, café society and sport aficionados can watch sport on large wall-mounted plasma screen television sets.

On the other hand, you can simply sip a cocktail, indulge in some people spotting and enjoy rubbing shoulders with a chichi cosmopolitan set. The main dining room has a whimsical and starry-eyed playful tribute to the romantic movie stars of the fifties, with large posters of a smouldering James Dean and coquettish Marilyn Monroe. In addition, there is a discreet gaming area for players and incognito highrollers who like a hint of the twinkly lights of Las Vegas.

“However, the core feature of Saul’s Saloon & Grill,” says Saul, “is that we serve oversized portions that offer you value for money. This might sound clichéd or phony, but where else are you going to find a hamburger that weighs 1.2kg?” If you can munch this burger down within 15 minutes, your name goes up on the Saul’s Wall of Fame. You will also receive a t-shirt, certificate and a R50 meal voucher. How cool is that? What is more, at the home of the famous ‘beat the burger’, you will also find the legendary Bronto Burger, which is a 700g beef pattie on a huge bun served with chips. For toppings, you can add banana and/or a cheese slice, ham, gherkin, pickled beetroot, mayo, feta, egg, baked beans, bacon or pineapple. Sauces range from monkeygland, garlic, BBQ, pepper, mushroom, cheese or chilli.

“We purchase our mince made to our very own and unique specifications from a top butchery,” says Saul. “It is pure beef mince with a percentage of lamb fat in it. Nothing is added to the mince, as the fat content acts as the binding agent. The pattie is brushed with our own in-house BBQ sauce and then placed on a large seeded roll. Our rolls are bought ‘par baked’ and then finished on the premises to ensure that we always serve a freshly baked roll, which is garnished with lettuce, tomato and sliced onion with a dash of in-house secret pink sauce.”

And voila, the burger is then served open and with aplomb.

But that is not the end of the story. Apart from Saul’s iconic burgers, they are well known for their super succulent and meaty spare ribs, huge pizzas baked in their open plan pizza oven and large double-thick milkshakes served with soft marshmallows.

No wonder a blue-light brigade is often spotted outside Saul’s: It is the food police, pattie politicians and gourmet troupes flocking back for more and more. Cheers!

Directions to Saul’s Saloon & Grill -Wynberg
74 Church Street
Cape Town
021 761 9008

Open 9am until after 2am
Seven days a week


Sauls Saloon & Grill Wynberg
Sauls Saloon & Grill Wynberg
Wynberg Burger Restaurant
Wynberg Burger Restaurant

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