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Hillcrest Restaurant - Durbanville

Hillcrest Estate is nestled high up in the Tygerberg Hills (Durbanville ward). Our vineyards stretch from about 240m right up to 400m above sea level. Hillcrest Estate was purchased in 1984 to accommodate the head office and workshop of Haw & Inglis, a Cape based Construction Company.

The potential for growth of quality wine and olives was soon recognized, and the owners decided to plant Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vines. What makes Hillcrest Estate truly special is its location. Any wine lover or winemaker knows that location is single most important factor in determining wine quality.

Here at Hillcrest Restaurant, we like to keep things very relaxed and informal, with an upmarket flare. Our general food style is Tuscan, and Mediterranean, yet we adhere to our South African roots as well.

Our enthusiastic chef rustles up interesting, tasty dishes from a variety of fresh and local ingredients. A delicious A la Carte menu is augmented with specials, tailored to complement the estate's wine, especially the zesty Sauvignon Blanc.

Your first step inside our restaurant will make you feel as if you've stepped out of the busy city life, and into an Mediterranean dream! The surrounding hills embrace our small restaurant, tucking it away, making it cosy and comfortable with spectacular view.

The olive orchards and production is Gerhard du Toit's main focus. Planting of the orchard (mainly Mission, Kalmata and Frantoio trees) happened in the late 90s and 2005 was the fifth harvest for production. The position of the orchard 300 meters above sea level imparts a specific rich, tangy taste to the olives and a distinctive peppery aftertaste to the extra virgin olive oil.

Directions to Hillcrest Restaurant in Durbanville
M13 - Off Racecourse Road
Tel: 021 975 2346
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Durbanville Restaurant
Durbanville Restaurant
Hillcrest Restaurant Durbanville
Hillcrest Restaurant Durbanville
Hillcrest Restaurant
Hillcrest Restaurant

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