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FoodBlog – Restaurants in Cape Town: The Mount

The Mount Restaurant is Durbanville’s hidden jewel. And I’m not just copy pasting this from their website. I really believe it. The food tastes absolutely incredible. It’s a shame that they aren’t located closer to town. They would probably be much more popular and could even charge a much higher mark-up. But then again, the Mount wouldn’t be able to be home to such an attractive area.
The Mount is located in the beautiful Durbanville Wine Area on the Hoogelegen Farm. It possesses a peaceful view of the Hottentots Holland, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek mountains and the surrounding farmlands. The Mount is centrally located on a very popular wine route, so it’s an ideal rest stop while on your wine-tasting trip.
The owner and top chef has an extensive 5-star cooking experience and is very passionate about his restaurant. This can be noticed in everything the restaurant has to offer. The menu supplies for a wide variety of tastes, so that everyone will find a dish that is perfect for them. When I was here last time, I had the Calamari Steak. It was absolutely divine - as good as it can get! They also offer game, beef & other seafood. Worth checking out - one of the top restaurants in Durbanville and Cape Town.
Every day, they also offer a different menu of specials. So it might be worth to come here on several occasions just to see what other treats are on special this time.
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