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FoodBlog - Cape Town Restaurants: Hudson's Burger Joint

I love gourmet burgers. It’s just so much more sophisticated than going to Mc Donald’s. Plus it tastes a lot better. My firm favourite has always been Royal Eatery on Long Street but in 2009 Hudson’s burger joint opened on Kloof Street. It’s gonna be interesting to watch how these two restaurants will compete with one another.
The restaurant looks pretty sick! And their selection of burgers is pretty sick as well. You can choose from 150g and 250g burgers with a huge option of different toppings. You can even have an Ostrich Burger!
I will definitely be checking Hudson’s Burger Joint out soon. How about you? If you’ve been here already let us know what you think about the place below. Thank You!

Directions to Hudson's

69A Kloof street
Cape Town.
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