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FoodBlog – Cape Town Restaurants: Saigon

Saigon is Cape Town’s favourite Vietnamese restaurant located on Kloof Street. The decor is traditional yet stylish. The staff is very friendly and polite as one would expect from a good restaurant. When I was there last time, for a small fee they offered a massage while you were seated at your table, which was a fresh idea from management – good way to stand out from the other restaurants.
I love Asian food and Saigon does not disappoint. The menu is very extensive and caters for everyone’s needs: The carnivores and herbivores. Could someone just explain to me the difference between Vietnamese and Chinese – would really appreciate it because I can’t tell the difference. Corkage fee is 50 bucks, the wine list starts at a hundred. A bottle of beer will cost you 20 bucks. So you might want to have your drinks somewhere else. But there is absolutely nothing to complain about the food. It is very very delicious.
Like I already mentioned for Mr. Chan in Sea Point, I don’t understand why you have to pay extra for rice or noodles when it should actually be part of the meal. But I will not get worked up on that. You can’t really go wrong with Saigon. Everyone will find a dish there that they will enjoy. And the atmosphere always ensures that the evening is a success.
You will come back to Saigon more than once, I can promise you that!
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