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FoodBlog – Restaurants in Cape Town: Beluga

I don’t get Sushi. I really don’t get it! Every time we decide to go for Sushi, I just pick a random mix – some I like others taste like... – anyhow. The problem is, I can never remember the names of Sushi I actually like, so the next time we go out, the entire trial by error process starts all over again. And I have given up. So instead of wasting my money on Sushi, I’d rather spend it on dishes I know I will enjoy – like cooked seafood. And seeing that Beluga got into the top 10 for their Seafood, it’s not a bad place for me to go to.
Beluga is best known for their awesome Sushi special. But while my friends rave about that, I just quietly sit in my seat and enjoy the Norwegian Salmon ...and they don’t know what they are missing out on. There is no way that any kind of Sushi can beat Salmon on offer at Beluga. It’s magnificent.
Beluga is a stylish gourmet eatery located in central Green Point in the Foundry – a 100 year old red brick building that once was the Cape Town’s oldest metal works. It first opened in 1999 and immediately gained popularity as Samuel L Jackson, Kevin Spacey and Tiger Woods were seen eating there. In 2006 another owner took over and began the “reinvention” of Beluga and it has since become Cape Town’s most spoken of restaurants.
It’s one of the most stylish restaurants in Cape Town. The food is good. The entire atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxed yet sophisticated. If you haven’t yet, you should definitely check it out.
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