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FoodBlog - Cape Town Restaurants: Pigalle - Green Point

Pigalle is situated in Green Point on 57 Somerset Road. They offer a fine dining Portuguese cuisine that mostly concentrates on seafood.
Before the building housed this restaurant; it used to be an ice-rink. Pigalle was named after a very vibrant area in Paris which has become famous for its nightlife. And it’s certainly earned this name, as the restaurant’s venue is located at a prime nightlife spot in Cape Town. Pigalle also has a spacious dance floor and every evening a life band will play some tunes. All of this ensure that this will be one of your best dining experiences ever. Some celebrities even chose to have dinner here at Pigalle.
The seafood Platters come highly recommended but Pigalle also offers traditional Portuguese dishes like Trinchado and Chorico Sausage. Both very popular starters. Some of their other specialities are Duck Mandarin and Baby Chicken Peri Peri. Some of their favourite desserts are the delicious cheesecake and the Creme Brulee.
They have a different menu if you choose to visit them for lunch.

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