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Hotspots: Restaurants in Camps Bay

Camps Bay Restaurants

Camps Bay Restaurants

If you want to feel like a superstar reveling in the greatness that is Miami but (A) you are not a superstar and (B) you cannot afford to fly to Miami, then do not despair - One of the many restaurants on the Camps Bay beach front is the answer to this problem.

The beach front promenade has become synonymous with tourists the world over as well as locals due to the breath-taking location. The many restaurants and cafes offer you the opportunity to soak up the rays on the beach during the day to darken your tan and then show it off at night. 

Get your tan on and your party face ready every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night to really feel like that superstar.

Here are a few Camps Bay Restaurants that are located near the beach.

You can also visit one of these restaurants while taking a break from the ocean, the sand and the tanning. A few cocktails never did any harm during the midday sun. Afterwards you can go back to the beach and get your tan on. 




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