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Kloof Street Restaurants in Cape Town

Kloof Street Restaurants

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So you think you are a hipster hey? You think that you are up-to-date with all the hottest trends, or more importantly, you start the hottest trends? Well then Kloof Street is the place for you. If you want to be seen, go to one of the many Kloof Street restaurants located here and enjoy some of the finest cuisine.

Kloof Street is lined with the widest assortment of restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops and interesting shops to suit even the most diversified palate. A must for anyone who thinks they've got that cool factor. Below you will find some Kloof Street restaurants listed on FoodBlog. Once you have dined at one of those, please come back to leave a short review for the Kloof Street restaurant you've been to. 


Asoka Bar & Lounge

Asoka Cape Town Asoka stands nestled within an elegant Victorian town house on the slopes of the iconic Table Mountain. This stylish, intimate lounge epitomises comfort and ease, and is renowned for its tantalising cocktails, delectable tapas and great social atmosphere. Asoka is frequented by tourists and locals alike and is more than just a venue, It’s an experience. One that is not to be missed and not soon forgotten.

Arnolds on Kloof

Arnolds on Kloof

Arnolds on Kloof has won more friends than any other restaurant in Cape Town and enjoyed wide acclaim for its stunning breakfast. Founded in 1998 and located opposite the historic Mount Nelson Hotel, in Kloof Street, Arnolds has an outdoor seating area with magnificent views of Table Mountain as well as a warm, well-lit and romantic dining area. On weekends, Arnolds arguably saves more lives than hospitals, serving good value and cheerful breakfasts from early in the morning until 5pm.

Cafe Paradiso

Cafe Paradiso Cape Town Café Paradiso is the gentle tonic our daily lives forget. This stunning venue is about family values, long held traditions, warm welcoming hospitality and wholesome goodness. A beautiful garden setting with breathtaking mountain views, an inviting serene interior encourage relaxed, leisurely dining experiences and gentle celebrations. 

Bombay Bicycle Club

Cafe Paradiso Cape Town The Bombay Bicycle Club is a representation of Madame Zingara’s colourful history and an expression of their eclectic past in Loop Street. Its wacky bohemian setting offers guests a place where they can to let their hair down - and are expected to stay up way past their bed time. Bombay Bicycle Club is especially loved by those who revel in a dining experience as opposed to simply a meal out – it is ideally suited for celebrations of all kinds.

Saints Burger Joint

Saints Burger Joint

It's the newest edition on Kloof Street: Saints Burger Joint. Bikes, Burgers, Rock ‘n Roll, Freedom! All of these things are what make Saints Burger Joint. All of these things fit like a pure A grade beef patty does into a brioche bun. We believe in being individual, in having your 1kg burger and eating it too!


Restaurants on Kloof Street*

*There have been lots of restaurant closures and new openings on Kloof Street. These restaurants listed above have been around for a long time, that's the reason we have included them in this section. If you want your restaurant to be displayed on this section please contact us and we will make it happen.


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