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FoodBlog – Cape Town Restaurants: Cape Town Fish Market – Waterfront

Cape Town Fish Market  is competing head with Ocean Basket - wanna find out who is winning the battle atm. This one is located at the V&A Waterfront and has a prime spot in one of the most popular shopping and tourism destination in Cape Town.
They offer seafood and sushi and even cater for people who don’t like fish. You should remind me to do a feature comparing Ocean Basket to CTFM. Could be quite interesting: I just looked at their respective menus: looks very similar – didn’t compare prices though.
Anyways, if you feel like seafood and looking for a nice evening, there is nothing wrong with Cape Town Fish Market. If you are looking for an awesome evening and want to rave about the food afterwards, you should look for another place but expect to pay a lot more money. Cape Town Fish Market always offers great value for money and good seafood dishes.!!


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