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La Boheme Sea Point

La Boheme in Sea Point

La Boheme is a modern bistro on Sea point Main road. The outside section is first come first serve, but the inside can be reserved in advance. The menu changes daily, so only the freshest meats, fish, fruit and veg are used. They also make all of their own pasta and breads so every visit is a unique experience. [read more - La Boheme Sea Point]

Andiamo Cape Quarter

Andiamo Cape Quarter

Andiamo is a restaurant-come-deli-come-bar situated at the ever trendy Cape Quarter, whose winter specials managed to get me out of my long-standing, anti-relationship with carbohydrates. The daily winter special is two pizzas or pastas (or a combination of both) and two glasses of wine for a mere R99. I know right, it’s just ridiculous. [read more - Andiamo Cape Quarter]

The Kitchen Woodstock

The Kitchen in Woodstock

Woodstock has quite a bad rep. Yeah, I wouldn’t want my car to break down there late at night, while my Blackberry flashes that awkward orange colour and tells me that “the battery is too low for radio use” (in other words, its dead) but really, during the day, it’s great. [read more - The Kitchen Woodstock]

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Sevruga Review

Who would have thought that slapping together a chunk of raw fish, a clump of sticky rice, a slice of avo and dried seaweed could taste so amazingly good? It’s like cows’ milk, how did the person who realised that it was drinkable, explain the discovery to their friends? [read more - Sevruga Cape Town]

Royale Eatery Long Street

Royale Eatery on Long

There are all the classic options of burger, with cheese, blue cheese, a sauce and so forth and these all come in a chicken, beef, lamb or fish option. Then there are the gourmet burgers such as the one I chose, The Lourenço Marques! [read more - Royale Eatery Cape Town]

  Eastern Food Bazaar

The restaurant is set along a passage way directly through the building and has the air of cheap Bollywood film. Everything is gold and shiny. Huge intricate doors lead to nowhere and the mustardy sponged walls are plastered with ornate mirrors. [read more - Eastern Food Bazaar]

Kuzina Greek Cuisine in Cape Town

Kuzina at Cape Quarter

Kuzina is a Greek restaurant located in the Square at Cape Quarter. When opening the menu, you will find a small dictionary of Greek words that might come useful during the evening: The only word I can remember right now is yamas which means “cheers”. [read more - Kuzina Cape Quarter


Mzoli's in Gugulethu

What is the most proudly South African thing you can any day of the year, but especially a Sunday – a braai. And what is a braai all by your lonesome with one or two strings of boerewors and a shriveled up tasteless chop – sadness. A braai is an experience that should be shared with friends, old and new. [read more - Mzoli's Cape Town]


Minato Sushi Review

Every new experience includes the taste explosion of a new exotic meal. Every time I have a new story to tell it involves food. (and every time I buy a new outfit, its a size larger). So having said this, today's story obviously involves food. In fact, the BEST sushi I have ever had in my life. [read more - Minato Cape Town]

Paulaner during the WC

Paulaner during the FIFA World Cup

It was packed - lots and lots of people. We spent about 6 hours in total inside the tent at Paulaner: We had a few beers and we had something to eat. And that kinda screwed over my budget I decided on before going there. [read more - Paulaner Cape Town]

Gourmet Burgers Cavendish

Gourmet Burgers Cavendish

We initially booked a table for 13 @ Royale Eatery but apparently they hire staff who don't know how to take down bookings. Long story short - they messed it up. So, we had to go somewhere else and ended up at Gourmet Burger in Cavendish. [read more - Gourmet Burgers Cavendish]


Mesapotamia Long Street

Mesopotamia Long Street

We had to sit on cushions....for 4 hours....4 very long hours. I can't say I enjoyed that part of the evening. I couldn't even eat properly sitting like that cause the table was too far away. Although it did provide a different experience. [read more - Mesapotamia Long Street]



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