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Gourmet Burger Cavendish

Posted by Marvin (admin) on May 20 2010
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Gourmet Burger - Cavendish

It's the month of May, and the Nom Nom Noms have been at it again. This time we wanted to try out some of Cape Town's best Gourmet Burgers. So we had the option of either going to:

We initially booked a table for 13 @ Royale Eatery but apparently they hire staff who don't know how to take down bookings. Long story short - they messed it up. So, we had to go somewhere else and ended up at Gourmet Burger in Cavendish. 

I was there about a year ago and all I could remember was that it was quite expensive. So I brought a suitcase full of money - like in the movies. But to my surprise, I didn't really need it. Most burgers cost between 50 and 60 bucks. Awesome! They have a section with more expensive gourmet burgers - they range around the R75 mark.

So, I had a chicken, camembert & cranberry burger for 55 bucks; with drinks and tip the evening cost me R80. That's not bad at all. Nom Nom Nom. Gourmet Burger also have an awesome Lindt Chocolate Milkshake for R28. It's a must-try!!! 

Gourmet Burger Cavendish

We booked a table for 13 people, in the end we ended up with around 18. I didn't know anyone at the one end of the table, and they didn't introduce themselves - which was kinda rude cause I was the one that actually organised the entire evening. And they left without saying good-bye or thank you or anything really. Which kinda puts them into the same category as Royale Eatery if you think about it.

The evening also consisted of conversations like "can books talk" which then continued to "can phones talk". But I ll rather not go into too much detail.

In the end, it was probably a good thing that Royale messed it up. Had a splendid evening and Gourmet Burger could accommodate the extras who decided to join. Royale Eatery still has the best burgers in Cape Town though,...but Gourmet comes close, and they don't mess up with bookings. 


We are planning a score-rating of a somewhat different kind. Each restaurant post will be updated then. 

Contact Details: 
Gourmet Burger - Cavendish
Shop F1- The Bridge
021 674 5361
Gourmet Burger - Long Street
39 Long Street
021 424 6099

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Royale Eatery By Unknown on May 20 2010 at 3:52 PM
I went to Royale last night and thoroughly enjoyed my Burger and milkshake!
I will however try this place soon! :)
Nom Nom King By Unknown on May 21 2010 at 2:54 PM
yeah,definitely had a great time with good food and good people..

I guess when you have anything more than 10 people it becomes difficult to communicate
with everyone...

Gota agree,gourmet burger were top notch on the eve. As a plus, im pretty sure the paper place mats are there for people to mess up on or in our case, draw on..which's pretty nifty as well!

p.s..... ;)
Marvin By Marvin on May 21 2010 at 4:25 PM

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