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More Winter Specials 2011

Posted by Marvin (admin) on Aug 19 2011
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Cape Town Autumn Restaurant Specials

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 Winter Specials 2011

I've known about the specials below for quite a while but never got around posting them. 

Andiamo Cape Quarter

Andiamo has long been one of our favorites. Kayli has checked out their breakfast special a few weeks ago and the R99 pizza & pasta special is just too good to be true. 


Bombay Bicycle Club

2-for-1 ribs on Mondays while 2-for-1 drinks are available on selected brands & cocktails from 10pm. Find more information on the venue: Bombay Bicycle Club on Kloof Street.

Cafe Royale

If you happen to stand in line at McDonalds near Long Street waiting on your large BigMac Meal; you should be checked into a mental hospital. Just a few metres down the road you can get this awesome special. 40 bucks and you get one of their amazing burgers along with a beer. Go do it! 

Cafe Royale Specials

El Burro

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Cape Town and they offer 1/2 price lunches during winter. If you aren't convinced, go read our review! 


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