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FoodBlog – Cape Town Restaurants: The Blue Peter
Blue Peter is located near the Blouberg Beach and offers an amazing view of the ocean and an even better vibe. The place is mostly always packed and it is not uncommon having to wait up to an hour for the food to arrive (@ Lower Deck). You can enjoy your meal while sitting on the grass if no tables are available. Also, to add to the confusion – when people move around, suddenly finding a seat with friends, the waitrons can easily lose your order. So be patient!
Blue Peter can be split into three sections: The Upper Deck, The Lower Deck and the Bistro Pub. The Upper Deck offers a fine selection of Cape cuisine. The menu from the Lower Deck can also be ordered. The Lower Deck is a favourite area for the youth. Watching the surf roll in while drinking beer and eating a delicious pizza or enjoying the magnificent view. The Bistro Pub is a casual beach bistro where the chef prepares several meals from his wood-burning oven.
The food tastes good, the vibe is awesome: good friends and a beer at Blue Peter – there aren’t many things that can top that!
If you are near Blouberg, you have to drive past. If it’s packed...keep on driving. If it’s not, park your car and enjoy the sunset at the Blue Peter.

FoodBlog – Cape Town restaurants: The Blue Peter 

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