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 FoodBlog – Cape Town Restaurants: Primi Piatti – Cavendish

The vibe at all Primi Piatti restaurants is unique. You will not find the same atmosphere anywhere else. I think that what makes it so appealing – a truly awesome time every time! Primi Piatti Cavendish has 2 entrances: one from inside the Cavendish Shopping Center and one from the street.
Once you are inside the restaurant, it is HUGE! Primit Piatti has 3 levels that can cater for the entire family. Kids are always welcome and after they have eaten they can go to the designated play area and read books, play with toys or watch TV. You can even go here for a casual business meeting.
You will find a Primi restaurant at nearly every restaurant area and I will always order the same pizza: Calzone. Nothing better in the world...when it comes to pizza! They’ve also got a impressive selection of cocktails!
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