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FoodBlog – Cape Town Restaurants: Food Lover’s Market – Cavendish / Claremont

Food Lover’s Market is a new concept of Fruit & Veg City which offers good quality food – an oasis for people who understand great food. They focus on quality and freshness along with stunning interior decor which makes this an experience that cannot be missed!
Food Lover’s Market is located near the Cavendish Shopping Center across the road from The McD.
The restaurant has been described as the theatre of food where every ingredient has been carefully chosen to make the dishes reach perfection. There is an upstairs and downstairs area, where customers are treated to a rich offering with lots of variety. The downstairs area is more designed for people on the run – who are just looking for a quick bite to eat. The upstairs area things are more relaxed.
It would take too long to describe everything that the Food Lover’s Market has to offer. Just some of the dishes on offer: freshly baked bread, sushi, pizza, salads, smoothies, and many more hot food dishes.
Food Lover’s market cannot be anyone! Even if you are busy, why not check out their downstairs area for a quick snack? If you like that, next time you can try and explore even more of the great food on offer.


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